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Woke up at 3 or 4 in the morning, but it is difficult to sleep?

In life, I always hear more and more people saying that they are “insomnia.”

Slowly, this gradually became an infectious disease. One complained that he was insomnia. As a result, he used to be a source of infection. People around him immediately began to “feel deep touch” and gradually added: “I am also insomnia. …..”

What anxiety, depression, sleep apnea, work stress, chronic disease…

The cause of insomnia is just like sleeping pills.

Why do I always wake up at three or four in the morning?

In fact, medically defined as “insomnia”, mainly have these symptoms:

Among them, “easy to be awakened” is one of the most common symptoms in insomnia. Many people will find themselves in their daily life always awakened at three or four in the morning. The sooner they are awakened, the harder they are to force themselves to fall asleep. Often insomnia to dawn due to excessive stress.

Why do some people wake up at three or four in the morning? It may be related to the following three situations, don’t take it seriously.

First, lack of blood

In Chinese medicine, when it is three to five in the morning, it is a time of sputum. This time is just the time of the lungs, so deep sleep is needed.

If friends always wake up during this time, and it is difficult to fall asleep again, it is likely to be caused by insufficient blood. Because the blood in the body is not enough, it will affect the blood circulation and cause insufficient blood supply to the heart. It will send a signal to the brain.

When the brain is stimulated, it will be in an excited state and affect sleep, which will cause friends to wake up in the middle of the night.

Friends with insufficient blood will be accompanied by pale, exhausted, lack of energy, poor mental state, cold hands and feet. If friends are in this situation, they can exercise more, such as playing, jogging, swimming, doing yoga, etc. to clear the meridians, promote blood circulation and improve sleep quality.

Second, menopause insomnia

If female friends have always had good sleep quality, but after waking up in the middle of the night after forty-five years old, it is not easy to fall asleep again, it may be that menopause is coming.

Because women’s estrogen will decline in menopause, the nervous system will be affected and wake up at three or four in the morning, accompanied by emotional changes such as irritability, depression and depression.

At this time, you need to add estrogen in time. You can eat more foods that supplement estrogen and maintain ovarian function, such as sesame. It is rich in vitamin E, which not only promotes the production of egg cells, but also promotes the secretion of estrogen and maintains the ovaries. effect.

At the same time, exercise more, so slowly adjust for a period of time, sleep can slowly return to normal.

If the discomfort of friends is more serious, you should go to the hospital in time.

Third, depression

The most important symptom of early depression patients is insomnia, easy to wake up, difficulty falling asleep, and difficulty falling asleep after waking up in the middle of the night.

If friends suddenly have insomnia, and last for more than two weeks, accompanied by bad mood, no interest in doing anything, no mentality during the day, loss of appetite, etc., especially when there is often the urge to commit suicide, etc. Go to the hospital psychology department in time to determine if it is caused by depression, and then take medication under the guidance of a doctor to adjust.

Why don’t you go to bed early, why not sleep for a while?

A good night’s sleep has become a beautiful thing that many people today expect.

In fact, the reason why more people suffer from insomnia is nothing more than the rhythm of fast-food life.

For example, the recent online hot word 996 also reflects the overtime normality of many companies. In the competition for the survival of the fittest, is it like Ma Yun said: ” How to succeed without surpassing others’ time and efforts?”

But the problem is that people’s definition of “success” is no longer the hard work of the food and clothing period, but it needs to gain more value outside of work, find interest, accompany family members and find meaning in life.

No one does not understand the principle of “getting it for nothing”, but advocating struggle and advocating labour does not mean forcing overtime work. The employees who oppose 996 do not mean “mixing the day” or “not fighting”.

Regrettably, such a real dilemma also makes ” life is too short, the more you sleep, the later.” Also, read In Fact, Only 15% Of People Can Count As Healthy

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