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Why Renault Duster is the Best Car to Drive This Monsoon

For car lovers, the monsoons are the time to tune up engines to withstand the weather and keep their driving smoother than oil spills on a turn! And for those who are looking at buying a new set of wheels, the rains play a huge role in the decision making.

Well, let’s make it easy for you – introducing a car that suits the need just right – 

Renault Duster

In a country like India, where uneven roads and odd turbulences in the terrain is the first thing on the mind when considering a new car, AWDs (all- wheel drive) are an all-time choice in terms of maintenance, value for money and durability. An AWD is one with a powertrain capable of providing power to all its wheels, whether full-time or on-demand. This gives you an edge due to uniform power sent to each of the four-wheels in the vehicle.
Although Renault has only recently made its mark in the Indian Market, the Duster stands out on its own.

This car has been voted by the users to be a perfect choice that combines both quirky looks and style with a powerful base that can tackle most Indian roads. While the Duster never gave much cause to complain about its style, the add-ons like the touched-up headlamps, navigation-cum-entertainment system and a steering wheel that lets you be in control, only complement its already suave look both on the outside and the inside.

The upgraded version of Duster that hit the market this year, not only builds on what is a nearly flawless report card, but the AWD variant also improves the driving quality, especially on bad roads.

The model exceeds all the high benchmarks set by its predecessor, with its steering kickbacks massively neutralized and handling far smoother on harsh terrain. The engine continues to be dependable with 3 driving modes of Lock (AWD), 2WD and Auto (RWD as required), the Duster is well equipped to toggle power distribution as and when necessary. Consequently, a 4×4 can be the difference between suffering a stall on a challenging road and roaring through it without a glitch, making AWDs your best bet for the rains.

Get more details on the feature and specifications from your nearest Renault dealers in Hyderabad

And here’s what we love best about driving the new Renault Duster around in the monsoon-


The car is equipped bare minimums that you need to go off-road over slushy, soft, rain drenched terrain – a set of all-terrain tyres that will do keep you safe even if you aren’t into hardcore off-roading.


Endowed with adequate torque, the duster is built to overcome most obstacles. Judicious use of the throttle is the key to mastering the off-roading craft.


To engage the right gear at the right time is a skill acquired over time and to have the right vehicle that lets you do it, is you making a wise decision.

The seamless transition and power engagement of the Renault Duster allows a safe passage.


It’s not about how fast you drive, but about how much control you have over your drive. The Duster allows you to exercise better control over your vehicle and the overall drive even at slow speeds, thereby reducing the possibility of damage or disaster.


This is one car that truly listens to you allowing you complete control on city roads and uncharted terrains. The new Renault DUSTER is designed to make your drive even more convenient.


With a balanced centre of gravity, driving across a slope becomes easy as walking through a cake.

The Hill-Start Assist holds your car for 2 seconds, making an uphill drive effortless. The accurate reverse parking camera with guidelines and rapid deceleration warning lets you avoid collisions while reversing.


That’s right.  Take our word, take the duster out for a drive and you’re bound to make friends.

Off-roading can be therapeutic, physically demanding and thoroughly enjoyable ride with the right car.

Thus, while the Duster retains all its style and substance from earlier models, the AWD capability increases functionality for varied conditions. It is perfect for the traveller who is based in urban centres but hits the long road every now and then.

For more details, be sure to visit the PPS Renault showrooms near you.


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