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Home Furniture  Why Refinishing is very important?  

 Why Refinishing is very important?  

 If you are based in either Delaware or West Chester PA and are tired of looking at scraped up, old, faded and outdated furniture but are not yet ready to go for a huge investment in replacing it then refinishing services are exactly what you need. Refinishing will restore, improve and upgrade any piece of furniture especially when done by expert service providers like Solano Upholstery. They provide high quality services for refinishing West Chester PA and also deal in refinishing in Delaware. Solano Upholstery’s refinishing services will help you preserve and upgrade your furniture while being easy on your pocket.

Areas where Solano Upholstery offers its professional Refinishing Services

Solano Upholstery is a company based in Philadelphia for over a period of forty years dealing in all kinds of services in the areas of

  • Refinishing services.
  • Old and Antique furniture restoration services.
  • Upholstery and all related areas.
  • Furniture repairs.

They have expanded their area of service provision to many places which majorly include Philadelphia itself, West Chester PA, Cherry Hill NJ and Delaware.

So, if you are looking for professional refinishing services and are also on a tight budget then Solano Upholstery is the place you should contact immediately. They offer one of the best services in refinishing in Delaware and extend and hold up the same standards and integrity in service provision in refinishing West Chester PA.

What will Solano Upholstery do to refinish old furniture?

Solano Upholstery will use the most advanced and proper tools along with first-class paints and finishes so that the life of your old furniture is extended, it is well protected against all the elements and it is left looking in prime condition.

To refinish the surface of piece of furniture experts at Solano Upholstery strip bare the surface of the furniture piece. After which, according to what the customer chooses, they apply color and, a glaze-like finish in order to give the furniture a new look. Depending on the severity of furniture when it is extreme, they utilize a solid yet an elegant lacquer or opt for customized colors.


Why opt for Solano Upholstery?

There are a plethora of reasons which range from financial reason to expertise in field which can be major determinants as to why Solano Upholstery is distinguished in its field of work. These reasons include:

  • More than forty years of being established as a company. This is why they are easier to trust as a company and it also removes doubts in the minds of the perspective customers.
  • Competitive rates.
  • Favorable customer reviews.
  • Thousands of completed projects and pieces of furniture in their catalogues to see and make decisions.
  • Field experience.
  • Expert work force.
  • Customer satisfaction.
  • Wide range of services in each area of expertise.
  • Modern, state of the art equipment.
  • Expert and quality craftsmanship in finished products.
  • Systematic project planning, evaluation and execution.
  • On site services that can be directly over looked by customers.
  • Properly equipped and expert work force.

All these reasons provide more than enough testimony to the fact that Solano Upholstery is in fact a cost effective alternative for anyone who is interested in getting their furniture refinished. Through the annals of time they have gained enough experience and a strong footing in the furniture market that they now know their way around all kinds of furniture. So, if you want to revamp your old furniture, preserve your antique furniture and, avail any kind of refinishing services to make old furniture look as good as new and, protect it from damage then Solano Upholstery is the place that you should go to.


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