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Why is mobile gaming so popular?

When the mobile phone entered new era of smart phones the interest of using it increases in different ways. People use to call, sms, mms and record media files through mobile phone but now smart phones user but mobile for entertainment purpose such as best camera shooting, social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter, live movie music tv shows streaming like Netflix, Amazon prime and live gaming like PUBG mobile apk.

These days every part of the world is changing because of the smart phone turn the user’s in to online gameplay. Millions of youngsters are attracted towards the gaming world because of the highly skilled developers created different type of Battle royale game. Because of the perfection in games the competition increases between these strategy games companies. In this way public get more interesting features, display, sound and other stuff related to mobile game.  If you are a great PUBG fan, then you will love to set the best PUBG wallpaper on your device.

Reason of Mobile Gaming Become Popular

These are some of the points that show the real reason why these days mobile gaming become so popular and how it will goes in future.


As far as Laptop compatibility you cannot take everywhere because of the weight and large in size but smart phones are the pocket size. It is easily to carry everywhere play game on one touch; this is the main reason that mobile gaming became so popular.

Increase the Power of Chip:

The developers and engineers of mobile gaming industry has converted the heavy & power of CPU in to the smart phone which allow the user to get the heavy processor, 4GB to 8GB ram with 128 GB internal storage and other graphic related hardware. This micro CPU allows the user to play the heavy games in their smart phone which is why the mobile gaming becomes so popular.

Powerful OS high Graphic support:

Android and iOS mobiles are those popular smart phone platforms that allow the user to get the power of high graphics support on their hand. With the help of smart operating software user gets the access to the high graphic mobile gaming, this reason that online gaming are not played more in mobile phone then PC.

Portable Energy:

To play game on PC you get the direct power cable or get good access of battery in laptop same time duration to play game is now available on mobile phone that gives the popularity on mobiles. You will get 5000 mah, 6000mAh, and even 7000mAh battery phones that give you the whole day continue gameplay on smart phone. There is some portable power bank available which consists of 10000mAh to more power so the mobile gaming can run more than phone capacity.

Low Cost Smart Phone:

Thanks to Android market to create the cheapest rate of device available in the market. People can easily buy smart phone that can run more than hundreds of games in their personal mobile gaming. This reason also holds the hand in support of mobile gaming popularity.

Brain Exercise with Fun:

Mobile gaming is so popular for the individuals appreciate them as a result of their freshness & variety due to the way that they are enjoyable. With portable games, you generally have something to do, as long as you have your telephone by you. Long transport rides and holding up in lines have turned into somewhat less baffling gratitude to the fantastic application market of today.

Best Games participated in Popularity of Mobile Gaming

These are the top rated best mobile games which help in the popularity of mobile gaming theses day. There are many other games which are played by millions all around the world through smart phone but due to the high rated features these games comes in top 10 list.

1# PlauUnknown Battleground

2# Fortnite

3# Apex Legends

4# Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

5# Realm Royale

6# Knives Out

7# Garena Free

8# The Culling

9# Island of Nyne

10# Dying Light: Bad Blood

These are the reason why mobile gaming so popular these days and how smart phones user are attracted toward these games. If you check the online record of this current year smart phone manufactured you will notice that due to the impact of graphic games the sales of smart phones increases. We hope that you got the perfect way to understand of mobile gaming with easy hands. Any question related to this topic can be asked in comment section.

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