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Home Business What's the Importance of Image Optimization in WordPress Website?

What’s the Importance of Image Optimization in WordPress Website?

What’s the Importance of Image Optimization in WordPress Website?

There is a lot of noise around image optimization and all for the right reasons. WordPress development services in India has long been insisting on image optimization and have even provided plenty of optimization solutions. So what is the cause for this entire buzz around image optimization? Let us find out.

  • Reaches more audience

Optimising images mainly include providing it with alternative text which is nothing but a brief description of the image in question. This and proper formatting of images will cause them to pop up the first thing on the search engine for similar searches. Clicking on the said image will direct the online traffic to the website. In short, image optimization will boost the amount of traffic to the website.

  • Easy Loading

It is not news that images take time to load. Images are, invariably the last things to appear on the site. Normally, while the text takes shape, you see nothing but empty spaces in the place of images. This gives the impression of the page being incomplete and leaves the user dissatisfied. If the images are optimized, alt text is displayed as the images slowly take form, implying what space stands for.

  • Speed of processing

As mentioned above, images pose a burden speaking strictly in terms of size. A major chunk of the space gets occupied by these images and if left without being optimized, will be a bad influence on the site. Optimisation entails adjusting the size of the image so as not to hinder the use of the site. Resizing is done without compromising the quality of the images.

Other image optimization techniques include giving an appropriate file name and captions besides formatting in accordance with the needs. Different image formats include JPEG, PNG, GIF.

Wordpress plugins

Source: Pinterest

What the above-mentioned advantages of image optimization tell you is that the benefits are aplenty. All these cumulatively contribute to higher traffic. This is the precursor to improved performance in the business which inevitably leads to better sales and higher revenue. In short, the return of investment goes through the roof with a single change.

Some of the most widely used WordPress image optimization plugins include WP Smush It and EWWW Image Optimizer. They are put to use to increase the speed of the site. The speed of the site is also valued while ranking sites in the Search Engine Result Page. These two plugins get the job done by means of compressing and without compromising on the quality of the images.

Wordpress plugins

Source: Pinterest

Images are very much essential for a website to hold people’s undivided attention. The pros outweigh the cons. To exclude them, in the light of its space and bandwidth consumption is not an option. WordPress development services in India senses the inevitable role it plays in a website and has, therefore, come up with interesting and effective optimization ideas that will prove to be useful in the longer run.

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