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Home Health What is diabetes during pregnancy? (Diabetes during pregnancy: Gestational Diabetes

What is diabetes during pregnancy? (Diabetes during pregnancy: Gestational Diabetes

What is diabetes during pregnancy?

What is gestational diabetes? (What is Gestational Diabetes?)

During pregnancy, a type of developing diabetes is called gestational diabetes. During pregnancy, the need for insulin to increase blood glucose level increases. When the body is unable to meet the level of insulin levels, gestational diabetes develops in women during the last stages of pregnancy.

In most cases, when a child is born once, gestational diabetes is removed. However, some women continue to have a high level of glucose in the blood. Gestational diabetes can often develop Type 2 type of diabetes.

Treatment of gestational diabetes can help both mother and child to stay healthy. Mother and child can be protected from taking proper action by managing blood sugar levels immediately.

Indian landscape

The spread of this disease is different from 3.8 to 21% in different parts of India. There are more incidents in South India and are more prevalent especially in urban areas than in rural areas.

It is widely known that the risk of developing gestational diabetes in Asian women and especially ethnic Indian is high, which later forms type 2 diabetes.

Causes and risk factors of Gestational Diabetes

When the body is unable to produce insulin in the required amount during pregnancy then a pregnancy diabetes occurs. Insulin helps the body to use glucose for energy and it manages the level of blood glucose in the body.

During the pregnancy phase, the body produces many types of hormones and undergoes many other changes such as weight gain. With such changes, body cells use insulin less effectively, the condition is called insulin resistance. When the pancreas is not able to make enough insulin, then there is gestational diabetes.

Risk factors


Women have a risk of gestational diabetes when:

  • A family has a history of diabetes
  • The first gestational diabetes occurs
  • Already have prediabetes
  • There was excess weight before pregnancy
  • Has Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

Symptoms and diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes

WHO recommends oral hygiene tolerance test (OGTT) for 2 hours and 75 grams. Generally screening for gestational diabetes is done between 24 weeks of 28 weeks of pregnancy, when there is no major risk based on your symptoms. When the blood sugar level is 140 mg/dl or more, it is fasted for a few hours and is re-tested. In general consequences, follow-up tests are done, where the risk is higher than the 32nd to the 44th week to ensure the development of gestational diabetes.

Reduce the chance of gestational diabetes

Before planning a conception, the following may be tried to reduce the risk of gestational diabetes:

  • Try to lose weight.
  • Increase physical activity before pregnancy

These steps ensure optimal insulin usage and normal glucose levels. During pregnancy, should not try to lose weight.

Treatment and prevention of Gestational Diabetes

Treatment of gestational diabetes involves maintaining blood glucose levels in a targeted area. In defining it and in ways to achieve these goals, the doctor will help:

  • Will follow a healthy diet. Eat more grains, vegetables, and fruits.
  • Physical activity for 30 minutes daily

Insulin or other medicines

You will contact the physician, including all these physical activities because any tendency can put pressure on the child and the children have an impact on blood flow.

Complications affecting children

Uncontrolled gestational diabetes can cause problems for the child, which has a large body in place of normal.

  • The baby may have jaundice with birth.
  • There may be life threats before or after birth.
  • The kid is obese with type 2 diabetes.

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