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Home Furniture Traditional Indian Home Interior Design Ideas

Traditional Indian Home Interior Design Ideas

India is renowned for its rich and differed culture, legacy and history. The Indian interior design style remains diverse and clear even after getting impacted by the diverse dynasties across the country.

Indian interior design considers being remarkable phenomenon. When we talk about Indian home décor, it came leading because of its rare atmosphere, which provide real relax for body and soul. Indian philosophy reflects in interior, making it unearthly harmonic. It is difficult to understand and appreciate different phases of traditional Indian interior designing. Hence, we have tried to enumerate certain elements which are inseparable to traditional Indian interior design.

Rajasthani Home Decor

Rajasthan is known for its rich variability of handicrafts. You can find a wide range of handicrafts, from traditional to ultra-modern. Bright and beautiful is the thing that we can portray Rajasthani decor with!! Rajasthani culture is famous for its tradition as well as for its beautiful interior designs and printings on walls which portray the tales of the folks. Well-known choices include clay pottery, leather puppets, embroidered boxes made of sandalwood or marble, crockery or diyas. Acquire some more flamboyancy to your interiors by adding in some Rajasthani figurines of camels, elephants and women of the village, beautiful lamps and chandeliers.

South Indian Home Decor

South Indian Home Decor

Wood features hold a unique appeal in art, style, utility and beauty. It contains handmade furniture from natural wood. At first look it ought to appear little rough. Include cheerful mosaics into your interior and furniture decor also. Let your wood surface look more beautiful with Rust-Oleum Varathane Wood Grain Enhancer to give a perfect vintage look to furniture. Combined with a natural or lacquered finish and a variety of drapes and lights. White and natural ceiling lights are inherently traditional to a South Indian home. Lamps offer milder tones. So this season go stylish or lavish with this contemporary take on South Indian tradition.

Hall Interior Designs

Bengali Home Decor

Red cemented flooring with a black border, dark wood furniture, a low divan or “chouki”, sprinkling of single seaters, matching coffee table, a bookcase or two in the corner, and an ancient easy chair by the window. The quintessential bunch of fragrant rajanigandha in a brass flower vase. Khadi for door and window curtains in solid hues with a woven border. Let go of the heavy mahogany or Burma teak furniture, however you can retain the dark wood finish. This finish lends a soft, elegant feel to your home. Reserve a single antique piece of furniture. There has to be at least ONE bookshelf in every Bengali household.

Maharashtrian Home Decor

Maharashtrian Home Decor:

Marathis are culturally very rich. A classic maharashtrian home reflects their culture as well. They have diverse kinds of architectural styles. Warli paintings invented among tribes as a work of art. This simple art form utilizes rice paste as paint and the canvas has an earth-covered background. Copper utensils, brassware have always been a part of Maharashtrian home. The bidri handicraft boosts the beauty of the room and it adds intellectuality and class to the owner of the house. Principal deity Ganesha is decorated with jewelries, crown, and is offered sweets while worshipping.

Living Room Designs

Gujarati Home Decor:

Gujarat has possessed the capacity to protect its rich cultural heritage. The state is home to several of artisans, they whip up wide range of decorative pieces that could adorn a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen and even a bathroom. The Gujarati family regards a jhoola as an important component of their living room area. Gujarat-made upholstery and furnishings are available mostly in warm colors like red, orange, yellow and other such rich colors, which add a very rich feel to your space. Cushion covers, bed covers, pillow cases etc. give a gorgeous, ethnic character to your home. Sheets, dewan covers and other such material from Gujarat are similarly rich and colorful and add a traditional touch to your home

Rajastani Living Room Designs

Final Note:

If we talk about the most interesting decoration style then its traditional Indian interior design. While it is far-fetched, difficult and complicated in many ways, and that is why if you ever want to decorate your house with some traditional Indian style, you better hire an expert.

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