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Tips For Cleaning Your Dirty Car : Avoid A Messy Car With This Tips

What are the tips for cleaning your car? How to avoid dirtying your car?

All our tips to clean your car

What are the stains that can dirty a car?

There are many items inside the car that can be stained and dirty. This is the case of the carpet, probably the most exposed to stains. A bad weather is enough to impregnate your shoes with mud and grime while walking. By getting behind the wheel, if you do not wipe your feet properly, you spread this mud on the carpet. The doors and rear seat can also be affected if you have small children. Food residues and wet soil can, for lack of attention, can cover the seats and trim of your cockpit. Even if you have pets that you carry occasionally in the back: even placing a blanket on the bench, your brave animal can leave traces of dirt with his legs or his hair.

Attention also to the traces that can appear on the windows because of the external conditions (bad weather, various projections and pets can dirty the windows …). And the safe, of course, is likely to be dirty. A broken bottle spreading its liquid inside, traces of gasoline or the accumulation of dust are all sources of degradation.

Regarding paint, bodywork or rims, exposure to the outside is of course the origin of many stains. Rainwater, dirt, dust and other jets from the tires generate unsightly layers of dirt (including rims, located near the ground). Sometimes old models can also have rust stains.

How to avoid dirtying your car?

There are several simple tips that can help you delay the time when a bodywork cleanup or a coat of paint will be necessary. You can, for example, protect the back of the front seats if you have young children, so that they are covered with mud and grime. You will find in store adapted protective covers, but you can also make a protection by yourself with pieces of fabric.

To protect your car mats, there are also on-car mats. The presence of these will preserve your carpets of any fine chippings, sand or sludge marks that may permeate. You just have to shake the carpet on the outside as soon as you notice the presence of these spots. If you regularly transport a sick person by car, always have bags available. You will avoid some inconvenience, bad smells with

What are the tips for cleaning your car?

What equipment does it take to clean a car?

With which tools and with which products to wash your car? Here’s what you’ll need to complete your car cleaning and maintenance mission:

  • Vacuum
  • Carpet cleaner
  • Washing product for seats (specifically designed for fabric or leather)
  • Plastic care and protection product
  • Detergent product (possibly)
  • Brush, microfiber cloth and / or chemisette (chamois leather)
  • High pressure steam cleaner
  • A sponge (preferably a new sponge), a bucket of water and car wash

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