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These 10 Online Jobs Can Make Money For You

We don’t need a 9 to 6 job to earn a decent income. There are many part-time jobs which give good pay. Given the fact that there are many numbers of part-time online jobs, you don’t need investment. Here are a few full-time online jobs and also part-time from which you can earn.

  1. Financial Advisor

Financial advisor

Median annual income: $51,637

This is the most booming job, you can either work online or offline and the job involves advising on economic matters. Usually, these advisors give tips on saving schemes, retirement plans, insurance, broking, and other investments. He/she gets income through commissions.

  1. Journalist

Journalist Interview.

Median annual income: $44,264

Since web journalism is increasing day by day journalists have high demand in online print & media companies. As a journalist giving news, views, insights, and keeping an eye on current affairs & happenings are of top priority.

  1. Online Tutor

online Tutor Jobs

Median pay per hour: $50 

With education and tutorials becoming online the demand for online tutors has become triple. All you need to be a tutor is expertise in some subject. Irrespective of the subject you chose to teach decent pays are guaranteed. You can take this as a part-time vocation or full time. This job best suits women who want some freedom of space.

  1. Fitness Trainer

Fitness Trainer Jobs

Median annual pay: $49,500

Given the fact that people are becoming more conscious of health & wellness, the demand for trainers both online & offline has increased. All you need to do is have your personal gym or be a paid member in some gym and start advising your clients either online or offline when they need you.

  1. Copywriter

Copywriter Jobs

Average pay per hour: $25

If you have the flair for writing and if you can play with words targeting a company’s product to the audience then this is your best bet. Using words creatively is what you need and with this, you are done with your part-time income.

  1. Bookkeeper

Bookkeeper Jobs

Median annual pay: $30,000

He/she is responsible to keep accounts of a company. You need to audit the spending and income. In fact, nowadays part-time bookkeepers are getting equal pay to a full-time person.

  1. Content Writer

Content Writer

Average pay per hour: $40

This has been the most sought after online job since the time internet started booming. Good knowledge of a language, subject expertise, and the ability to write is what you need to shine in this field.

  1. Video Editor

Video Editor

Median annual pay: $80,000

With the boom for online businesses and digital marketing, these people are also highly in demand the same as a copywriter and content writer. The job involves video editing and suggesting how the video should run like background music, duration, screenplay, and so on.

To wrap up the things next to these people digital marketers & offline/online translators too are highly in demand.

Choose an online job that suits you and be rewarded.

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