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The basic guidelines for building a UX design based on Interaction Design

The Interactive Design (IxD) also known as Interaction Design, which deals in the designing of behavior between human and computer system. As a designer in interactive designing, the professional can effectively handle useful content, and functions of the web products and other technical aspects. Some basic guidelines of Interaction design can help in building a robust and improved UX design, and it is beneficial for the user interface used traditionally and on smart devices.

  • Following the User’s mental approach

In the beginning, many viewers use their intuition to operate an interface of an application or website. As for human intuition, if the user encounters a button, they believe that now they can able to access the desired content. But if the triggered button takes the user to another route opposite to what they expect, that can be counted as a bad example of designing. The guidelines for design should be clear and straightforward. Some guidelines should cover the conceptual aspects of the human mind where the user can able to predict the effects of an action. The mind can read the visible things that make sense, consistency and meaningful.

  • Look for user expectation

For developing an intuitive UX design, as per user experience research, the expectations of the user should be fulfilled. The principle of User Interaction design, determine the requirements of the user with the help of tools and methods like assessing the information, observing the human behavior, creating scenarios based on user data. So it is essential that the web designer has the adequate and correct data to implement this.

  • Consistent Design Process

The basic block in the design process is its consistency. Its requirement is within the similar functionality and scenarios, the performance and operation should be consistent. The motive behind the regular design process is the reduction in the learning costs of the user, the cognitive costs of the user, and the possibility of over usage. A wide range of standard in the various industry and web applications can become a form of consistency. 

  • Think less and get more

The architecture of design philosophy works on simplicity which is in opposition to decorations. The philosophy is dated long back and has resulted in variable interpreted results. To reduce the operational costs, the cognitive approach of pursuing less has now become the new essence of the internet world. The analytics should now determine the priorities of the content loaded web pages on the website. The contradictory information differentiates the primary and supporting details of the site.

  • Avoid technical term usage in language

Users don’t understand the concept of design and development as they are neither the designer nor the developer. So, the text and the language used must be accessible and straightforward and must be close to thinking about the ability of the user. Sometimes while looking on the internet, in a hurry, the user doesn’t notice the interaction smartly. So, companies often optimize the function for such users who are not intelligently using the internet.

  • Functional Designing vs. Aesthetic Designing

It is not necessary that a design which looks good might please the user, but should also reflect the iteration of the product upgrade process. Though, it is observed that the functionality of design of a product is far more necessary and essential than that of aesthetic designing. Mostof the designers believe that it is useless to lose the operational quality to achieve the beauty. They further think that they must all the standard and standard operationality based principles.

People often get confused between art and design concepts and mix. Art provides the sense of touch, feel but designing of a product provides the user help in resolving the issue and finding the solution.

  • Don’t put pressure on the user

The user experience designs are based and work throughout on principle. As per the designer’s understanding and knowledge, this is the simplest way to help the user in achieving the goal in the shortest possible time. You can count this as a good experience of the product.

  • User Intuitive approach

The operational parts if worked together in the correct form, it is evident that the user will also get the accurate information. At first, the user works on the product based on its instincts and experience and operates it with the cognitive approach. A user must be able to scan the readable content, and it must of user’s interest. The legibility of product design streamlines as per the content condensed form.

  • Collect Feedback

The transmission of information between human and machine has come under the radar of communication. With user information processed back and forth, you can build a productive interaction. And it develops a mutual understanding when one end sends the data, and the other end receives the data. So, it has become imperative to record feedback, and adequately communicate the explanation behind it.

Human-machine interaction design interface performs the operation and the feedback passed on to the user is concerning a change in color, change in shapes, emission of light, vibration, etc. The sole motive behind it is to let user also be informed about the operations happening inside the devices and how they experience it.

Interaction designers must clear the interaction procedure and architecture of designing the information so that user can get a clear picture of the prototype design. The entire product design is incomplete if the principle of interaction designer can’t be followed. Though the expectation of UX design to be practical and straightforward is also needed, and it is required to improve the efficiency of the design. Many prototyping tools are used to achieve a fast-interactive methodology that can quickly design the elements, menu lists, navigation of UX design component build up.

Thus, UX design and interaction design are interconnected and are more of user-centered designs. The right design features all the elements which make it easy for a user to navigate a site. The user can operate and master the product design easily and intently.

Author Bio: Daniel Mattei is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional. He is quite experienced in the field of web marketing as well as user experience research.

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