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Home Automotive Selected Mahindra Dealerships to go Premium Titled As ‘World Of SUV’

Selected Mahindra Dealerships to go Premium Titled As ‘World Of SUV’

Selected Mahindra Dealerships to go Premium Titled As ‘World Of SUV’

Mahindra was actually set to launch its premium SUV: Mahindra XUV700 on 9th of this month but looks like the Indian auto giant killer has postponed the idea ages ago. According to the latest information, there are multiple reasons for this which also includes the Marazzo success. In addition to this it was noted that the dealers asked for more time between the 2 launches (as we know Marazzo was unveiled on Sep 3rd), and finally, there are 2 automotive events slated on October 9th in India and this could make things tougher to XUV700.

Keeping in view all the three the company extended the time gap. In addition, it would have also decided not to clash up and keep their dealerships happy. If the things are true the Indian company may launch it around second half in this month or probably in November. However, this should not convey us that the auto manufacturer isn’t geared up for the launch.

As the opening of XUV700 is nearing up it is fortifying its dealership network including Mahindra showrooms in Hyderabad to upgrade the customer understanding about its new launch. According to a report, select dealerships of Mahindra all around the nation will go through a face-lift and the showrooms will be christened as ‘World of SUVs’ which will sport total SUV line up of Mahindra.

The refurbishment program isn’t same like that of Nexa of Maruti which was initiated as a detached dealership channel. Mahindra’s ‘World of SUVs’ will just be the regular Mahindra showrooms but will give a first-class experience to clienteles and will unleash the ‘Live Young, Live Free’ concept more predominantly. The dealerships themed with the ‘World of SUVs’ will publicize features such as toughness and ruggedness which are linked to SUVs. The modifications in the Mahindra dealerships will consist of new floor design and restructured background and all these could end up in giving out the true feel of an off-roader/4×4 vehicle.

In addition to these new premium vehicles such as XUV700 will be available for sale through a distinct premium channel in the showroom and will use all new technologies such as VR and screen-mirroring. The separated channel of the dealerships will possess a deluxe feeling and will also have specially trained sales consultants to give a consistent vehicle experience to purchasers.

By the time Mahindra launches XUV700, out of its 395 authorized Mahindra dealerships which it presently has about 115 dealers will be fortified with the theme of ‘World of SUV’. It even plans to increase its dealership network all through India to 430 by the close of the present year.

Please also be aware that the in form automaker had established that it will launch XUV700 in addition to a compact SUV post the launch of Marazzo. Probably these two launches will be the last from the house till April 2020 in lieu of BS VI emission norms.

Who knows the innovative largest Indian UV maker also bring a world of SUV themed Mahindra service centers same like the showrooms for premium customers.

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