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Rich Snippets | Plugins vs Custom Field

Rich Snippets | Plugins vs Custom Field

What is Rich snippets?

We all know that rich snippets has become one of the biggest ranking factor in the current SEO algorithm. The site who has rich snippets can easily over rank its competition. But most of the people don’t understand the simple coding of rich snippets. Some use plugins and some who know about rich snippet coding use custom field to implement rich snippets markup. Today I am going to talk about the most asked question” Which is better for Rich snippet? Plugins or Custom field”



First let’s talk about plugins. If you are using WordPress site then you must be familiar with the word plugins. There are a lot of plugins in the WordPress directory in terms of rich snippet. You can grab any of them.


If you use plugins for rich snippets its very easy to use. You just need few clicks in order to implement rich snippets. Some paid tools also give you more advantage.


While you are using plugins you can’t implement more than one rich snippets markups. This is because it is made default that you can only include 1 markup. Suppose, You write an article and embed a video with it. Now you want to markup both the article and the video. Now you need to markup two different content. You can’t do that because most of the plugins can help you to markup only one content.

Custom Field:


In the custom field option, you can markup as many contents as you can. You just need to make sure that you are going to markup with the proper way. In this way you can edit your markup any time. The most beneficial use of custom field in rich snippet is you can markup thousands of types of content


You can’t edit custom field code if you don’t know about Json+ld coding. Even if you fall in mistake with the code in structured data markup tools you can’t figure out where the problem is if you don’t know how to code JSON+ld. The set up for custom field is little bit complex for people who don’t know coding, because you have to insert some code on the header file. Also you have to make code consistently for different content. That’s it!

Which one is better?

I am using WordPress for about 1 year and I am using custom field for integrating rich snippets. For this I have made a template and each time I edit my template with the new post. So the thing which happen is I have to do it again and again. But I am happy because I have to markup more than one content.

Plugin is better for those who don’t know much coding about JSON+ld. Because if they start using custom field for rich snippets markup they probably will mess up with coding and mix every things up!


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