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A Complete Guide To Instagram Marketing For Promoting Healthy Business

A Complete Guide To Instagram Marketing For Promoting Healthy Business

There are more than 800 million Instagram users around the globe. Among the number, around 500 million use this app every day. They are known to share around 250 million pieces of content on a daily basis, if not more! So, trying to establish your business in this platform is a healthy way to promote it. No matter who your audience will be based on occupation, gender, age or anything, you can easily reach them all through Instagram. The main question is how to promote businesses on Instagram. Let’s find out the answer.

Reasons to use Instagram for business:

With over 300 million active users, Instagram always holds the potential for great marketing results. However, this potential lies more in user behavior and not in number always. Instagram members always love to connect with brands. A recent research has indicated that brands enjoy number of distinct benefits and advantages on network.

  • Around 70% Instagram users claim to look upon new products from this source.
  • With Instagram, brands can easily enjoy regular engagement with around 4% of total followers. On other networks like Twitter and Facebook, engagement will be less than 0.1%.
  • 62% users follow Instagram brand.

Social media has already proved to influence purchase decision. If you can come across the right content mix, your audience will buy from your side. For that purchase, you don’t have to push sales hard.

What marketers have to say about Instagram?

The research and numbers might sound great, but what do you know about the marketers? They are the people using Instagram for driving business results. So, it matters to know what they are thinking. According to most of the marketers, Instagram provided them with amazing platform to connect with fans and tell story visually. Instagram also help marketers to show how people are actually using their items and inspiring marketers with some new ways to follow.

Formula behind Instagram success story:

Business success on Instagram mainly relies on more than just publishing some nice-looking images. There are some additional elements to be added in this list.

  • You have to present a clear strategy and vision
  • Your marketing business should have consistent frequency and with a clear visual style
  • If that’s not all, it should have a bit of familiarity with audience

Once you combined these points, Instagram is all set to deliver major results for business growth. Your main aim is to invite more Instagram followers towards your business. For that, creating a meaningful page will work great for you.

Ways to create an Instagram based marketing strategy:

Whether you are new in this app and preparing for your first post sharing, or have already established a platform, it is always important to set some clear goals in mind. Setting goals will help in defining strategy on Instagram. It further helps in creating content, designed to help you achieve targets. There are some common goals used by most of the teams, brands and individuals. You can try following those points.

  • You need to showcase your services or products in style to gain more attention from crowd
  • Work hard to build a strong community
  • You have to increase brand awareness and present your company’s values and culture
  • Make sure to advertise to potential customers on time, just to help them keep track on your latest updates
  • Increase your brand loyalty and share company’s updates and news from time to time with your clients

You can choose either one or two foals for Instagram profile. You can choose from the list just mentioned or just customize your goal according to your needs. To help in deciding the right goals making sense, you might have to ask some questions first.

What are the reasons to use Instagram? How will this app assists you in achieving marketing goals? What is your limited time or budget set for the Instagram? How can this app offer anything different from other platforms? You need to get these questions covered first to actually realize the importance of Instagram marketing.

Be sure to search the demographics:

Marketing is associated with delivering right message to right people and at proper time. Understanding the platforms’ demographic is important section of ensuring that you are presenting the news to right audience.

  • Age and gender:

Around half of the internet users are young adults within the age group of 18 to 29 years. They are the ones using Instagram. On the other hand, most of the Instagram users are female.

  • Location of the users:

Around 28% of Instagram users are living in urban areas. Then you have 26% of them residing in suburban areas and the rest 19% in rural regions.

  • Education demographics:

Around 31% of Instagram users will have college experience and they are the highest in this lot. 24% of them are college graduates and the rest 23% are high school grads or even less.

  • Income demographics:

28% adults of Instagram users are making less than $30,000. 26% of them are making over $75,000. Another 26% of Instagram users are making within $50,000 to $75,000. The rest 23% of adults are making within $30,000 to $50,000.

Once you have set up a goal in mind and know the Instagram followers you are planning to approach on Instagram, you can start by building our presence on Instagram.

Optimize the profile well:

You will only get to use Instagram well once you have optimized your profile. It is essentially the homepage on platform.  It offers space for sharing little information about business and gives you chance to drive traffic back to the site. There are some ways you need to learn for maximizing Instagram profile and drive more value from it.

You better work on your bio or description for that. It helps people to know more about your business and understand what you are dealing with. So, be sure to check on some of your competitors on their ways to use bio, and start creating one accordingly. Research is all that you need for business growth.

Author bio:

Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.

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