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Netflix Telugu Movies List to Watch This Season

Best Telugu Movies on Netflix.

Telugu Film Industry (TFC) or popularly known as Tollywood is by far the most film producing industry across the globe. As you might be aware the industry produces above 200 movies every year. However, this year may see far less than the number stated above due to COVID-19 but still, there are some golden Telugu movies to watch on Netflix.

Here, we go with the best movies on Netflix for you to watch and refresh. These movies aren’t only entertaining but are also thought-provoking.

  • W/O Ram (2018):

The movie is a shocking depiction of domestic rape and explores the horrid situation when you have a rapist right in your home and just beside you. The flick moves around Deeksha, a widow whose life gets scattered after her husband’s sudden death. Unable to get help from police and other known people she herself begins to investigate the mystery of her hubby’s death and finds herself in the most dreadful situation as her husband’s death isn’t just an accident and much more than that. She slowly but steadily unearths the incidents that led to her husband’s accident. In the meanwhile, the movie takes a new turn as she invites the attention of other culprits involved in her husband’s death.

The rest of the story involves a good cop who helps her unveil the mystery. You will definitely enjoy the climax and unexpected twists in the plot.

  • Naa Bangaaru Talli (2013):

It depicts a character known as Srinivas who is known to be a social worker by his family but not. Durga, his intelligent daughter wishes to move to the city where his father dwells and carries on her undergraduate course. Although Srinivas who is reluctant at first agrees and both move to Hyderabad. From here the story gets the much-needed twist as Srinivas isn’t a social worker and in fact a sex trafficker. Things start going down for Srinivas when his daughter is kidnapped by his rival sex-trafficking group and forces her into prostitution.

The movie beautifully shows the pain of a father and also explains flawlessly about child trafficking and prostitution.

  • Neevevaro (2018):

It is the best romantic Telugu movie on Netflix and one amongst best romantic movies on Netflix. It revolves around the love of Kalyan, a blind chef, and Vennala, his regular customer. Kalyan stands as a symbol of what determination and hard work are and overcomes his visual challenge. Kalyan is helped by his family & friends but his life gets a new twist when he falls in love with Vennala who disappears suddenly. From here is what you should with your eyes to see investigative part unfolding itself. Kalyan is helped by his friend Anu and the police named Chokka Rao. It will keep the audience on toes till the end with its gripping suspense till Vennala is found.

  • Awe! (2018):

This is a crazy fun flick produced by Tollywood hero Nani. It has 6 individual tales that deal with manifold social and psychological issues and these are the crucial part of the movie’s narration leading the audience to say AWE in surprise. Though at the start it looks like anthology it isn’t, as director knits these stories together brilliantly.

Remember, it also has a plethora of actors like Kajal Aggarwal, Murali Sharma, Nithya Menen, Regina Cassandra, and Srinivas Avasarala.

Trust us you will definitely enjoy this movie as there’s so much happening as the screenplay moves. The narration with twists will leave you exasperated and in claustrophobia.

  • C/O Kancharapalem (2018):

A movie that you will praise & connect for a long time and probably for at least a lifetime. The movie will remain in your hearts we know it. I have to admit it openly that it made me walk through my 3 stages of life. It is beautifully directed by Maha Venkatesh and you will be surprised at the end to know that the lead character is the one who passes in all the episodes. The director has woven a story never expected. It’s beautifully-shot, diligently-written, and wonderfully-cast with brilliant act, all leading to a saga that’s heart-touching.

Don’t begin to watch it as a love movie, begin to watch it what love is and you’ll have an impact good enough for life.

  • Manu (2018):

Manu is a mysterious drama flick that moves around the lead character who is a painter and wooed by a woman character called Nila. The duo kick starts well, however, due to the eruption of a small misunderstanding everything shatters. The duo falls in trouble following a clash at a bar. When angered Nila leaves the venue, Manu sees 3 gangsters troubling an aged man and saves him from them. No sooner, following the saving-episode he finds that they are now aiming Nila. The hero has no clue regarding why and what for they are targeting her but still he has to find them soon and act before something bad happens. As in any story, he finds Nila before untoward happens to her. Visuals are really great and eye candy to watch. Though a slow-paced movie it never grips the enthusiasm of the viewers.

In addition to these movies, you also have other top Telugu Movies on Netflix you can watch such as Baahubali: The Beginning (2015), Baahubali 2: The Conclusion (2017), Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi (2018, Adhugo (2018) and Abhinetri No. 1 (2016).

If we missed out on any other Tollywood movies to watch on Netflix kindly let us know in the comments section. We will be delighted to share the review in our next pots.

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