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Home Health What you need to know about cardiac arrest that killed Sridevi?

What you need to know about cardiac arrest that killed Sridevi?

The glamour world is in a shock and so are the Indians with the sudden death of Sridevi-the walking diva on earth. If Sridevi’s death itself came as a rude shock the cause of Sridevi’s death—cardiac arrest is still an indigestible fact.

No matter whether a cardiac arrest or something more than that went on to take the life of such a beautiful and wondrous actor at the age of 54 it is high time to know about CARDIAC ARREST as it didn’t even spare an actress like her who always took care of beauty and health.

According to close sources, her too much strain taken to withhold her beauty with repeated surgeries and her restless thoughts about her daughter’s (Janhvi Kapoor) career led to her death. Whatsoever the facts are it is now time to know what actually is cardiac arrest.

What is a cardiac arrest?

In medical terms, cardiac arrest is the sudden and unexpected malfunctioning of heart which leads to stopping of the heartbeat.

Are cardiac arrest and heart attack the same?

Though people use these words interchangeably they aren’t the one. As said above cardiac arrest is sudden malfunctioning of heart whilst heart attack according to medical science is the blockage of blood flow to the heart.

In simple terms, a heart attack can be termed as ‘’circulation difficulty’’ while a cardiac arrest is something like “electrical” problem.

Cardiac arrest symptoms in women:

Well, if there is one disease that is really unpredictable in terms of symptoms this is one, it comes all of sudden and out of the blue. Despite these doctors have been able to figure out these symptoms of cardiac arrest in women:

  •    Sudden collapse
  •    Loss of pulse
  •    Breathing problem
  •    Consciousness issues
  •    Chest pain
  •    Feeling of fatigue
  •    Sweating

What causes cardiac arrest?

  •    Diabetes
  •    Lack of physical activities
  •    Smoking & drinking
  •    Heavy cholesterol
  •    Mental stress
  •    Obesity

Having said all these hard facts, the one way out to keep yourselves away from this deadly attack which comes without any prior warning is a to have a peaceful mind and a healthy lifestyle.  

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