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Multani Mitti: Nature’s Best Gift To Skin And Hair

Multani mitti also called ‘’Fuller’s earth’’ has innumerable skin and hair benefits. Its effects and advantages are just magical. The advantages of Multani mitti are incredible and good to heal and nourish skin and hair. Here are the benefits of Multani mitti to skin and hair.

Skin Benefits of Multani Mitti:

Glows face:

It is the most beneficial natural product one can have in the beauty kit. It not only aids in the ridding of dead cells on the skin but also gives an instant radiance to face.

Controls oil secretion:

It is the best natural skin purifying agent. Apart from cleansing the skin the chemical components present in it regularizes oil production in all skin types (dry, oily, and normal skins).

Controls acne:

The most common cause of acne is excessive oil production. And as said above Multani Mati has the property of controlling oil production and this makes it the most effective anti-acne agent. It not only forbids zits but also cures if any.

Fades blemishes:

Scars and marks due to varied reasons such as pimples, acne and other skin problems can be cleared off by applying it as a face pack.

Clears whiteheads and blackheads:

Remember the rough nature of Multani mitti makes it the best scrub. Applying it daily scrubs the face and rids of whiteheads and blackheads.

Having talked of Multani mati’s skin benefits it is time to know the benefits of Multani mitti on hair.

Efficient hair cleanser:

Though mild by nature it is really an effective hair cleanser that removes hairs’ impurities. It is the best hair pack for the ones who have oily scalps. It cleanses hair without removing natural oils from the scalp.

Fights dandruff:

The most rampant hair problem these days is dandruff and this dandruff leads to hair damage and hair loss. So, the only way left to save hair is to treat dandruff. Well, if you are searching for a natural anti-dandruff agent then Multani mitti is the best. Use it as a hair pack and it cures split ends and excessive oil. When these two are controlled dandruff gets controlled automatically.

Conditions hair:

It conditions hair and makes it silky and smooth. It even aids in repairing damaged and dry hair.

Improves scalp’s health and removes toxins:

Using Multani mitti regularly keeps up the scalp’s health. It removes accumulated toxins on the scalp and also fights hair odor.

We know a few of you may not believe that this simple clay-like substance has these many benefits. But, still, the fact never changes. You can try it yourself and see the magnificent Multani mtti benefits.

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