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Home Health Medical Tips For Preventing Alcohol Addiction

Medical Tips For Preventing Alcohol Addiction

Medical Tips For Preventing Alcohol Addiction

Do not rely only on willpower. If you asked this question, then it is really sharp to answer. Maybe, you are taking alcohol every day. You tried many times to stop this addiction but no result. Be that as it may, the decision to tie with alcohol is the right step. But the first one. The following can be more difficult.

Why quitting is a difficult task ?

A popular excuse, with which people allow themselves not to refuse a glass or a bottle, is: “I can quit at any time, as soon as I want!” But this is self-deception. The problem is that alcoholism is often impossible to be defeated only by willpower.

From the doctor’s point of view, drunkenness is something like a complex eating disorder, the causes of which are often hidden in the genetic predisposition. Thus, it is established that alcoholism and bulimia are related Coregasm. It means that both are psychophysiological disorders.

In fact, alcoholism is a malfunction in the brain. Also dangerous, because alcohol is built into the chemical bonds inside the gray matter. As a result, the brain podsazhivaetsya at regular doses of C2H5OH, from which it is not so easy to remove.

Trying to tie with alcohol only by willpower is like trying to cure appendicitis with kind thoughts. So considering “Treatments for Alcohol addiction”, American experts gave a detailed sketch on it.

How To Get Rid Out Of Alcoholic Addiction ?

Here are the desirable methods based on your situation. Choose and combine them according to your personal needs.

#1 Talk to your doctor

You can start with a therapist. The doctor will find out how serious your addiction is

As a rule, in order to diagnose problems with alcohol, it is enough to get affirmative answers to three questions:

  • Do you regularly feel that you need a drink?
  • How much you can control your drink?
  • Do you get irritated and/or feel bad physically if you do not get alcohol when you want it?

In addition, the doctor will help you determine your goals. They can be different. Perhaps you just want to drink less or maybe you want to completely quit with alcohol. Depending on this, as well as your physical condition, the therapist will offer you an individual treatment plan.

#2 Pause

Perhaps you are the lucky person who can really get rid of alcohol addiction, just saying yourself: “Everything from this day, I won’t drink.” Check.

Andy Reimij, the famous author in the US, helping people to quit with alcohol, recommends starting with a pause of 28 days. Or 90. Or 365. If you can not touch alcohol during this time, then the situation under control.

Such a pause is enough to form a stable habit. And it will still be a good step towards the farewell to a green serpent. Just do not forget to repeat the pause.

Mobile applications can also help you. They keep track of how much time you have lasted without a bad habit, cheer up, report on the health problems that you managed to avoid, give simple home recipes to ease the condition and share motivating quotes from the great.

#3 Use psychological techniques

In complex cases, psychotherapy may be required. The doctor-psychotherapist will help you to see the goal you set, to realize the advantages of refusal from alcohol, and also to cope with possible anxiety, irritability, and depression.

Since drunkenness has an effect on people close to you, you can go to a psychotherapist with a person who is important to you. This will help to build relationships, and will also give you the feeling that you are not alone.

#4 Join group therapy

“Club of Anonymous Alcoholics” only sounds funny. In fact, such meetings are extremely important for those who struggle with addiction to high-alcohol beverages. There you can find understanding, support, and life examples.

Simply enter the phrase “anonymous alcoholics” and the name of your settlement in the search box and you will know the place and time of the meetings of the nearest group.

Well, or look for a suitable group in the open directory of anonymous alcoholics.

#5 Be prepared to take special medicines

There are no drugs that can cure alcoholic disorders. But there are medicines that can makes you to drink less. For example, Disulfiram. It causes extremely vile sensations – nausea, vomiting, general malaise – every time you overturn a glass. They are many drugs outside, just consult your doctor for those drugs. Such drugs are available in the form of tablets or as injections. But you must take into account that drugs will be effective only when lifestyle changes. In addition, they often have quite serious side effects. Therefore, only a doctor can prescribe them.

#6 Be patient and persistent

To quit drinking or at least to make sure that the alcohol is under your control, it will take a long time. Be ready for this. And do not be discouraged if at some point you fail. Failures are just the stages of the process of getting rid of the addiction.

As experts say, five years after the start of the fight, one in every seven persons may get rid of this problem.

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