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mastery of 2 main points, peace of mind to eat fruit, blood sugar does not rise

Fruit, it is said that it is a kind of food that everyone is recommended to eat in life, and the taste and nutrients coexist. Fruit is delicious because it contains more sugars and organic acids. When it comes to various sugars, it should be a nutrient that many people care about in real life. The sugars contained in fruits are glucose, fructose, sucrose, starch, etc. Generally, the total sugar content ranges from 6% to 20%. Because of this, the intake of fruits has a greater impact on blood sugar, of course. The effect of different fruits on blood sugar is not the same, relying on the choice + eating fruit can avoid excessively affecting blood sugar. Healthy eating fruit, I hope you do not affect blood sugar too much.

To choose a fruit, first recommend that you eat some fruits with lower sugar content. In general, apples, strawberries, grapefruit, pears, apricots, plums and other fruits have lower sugar content, basically less than 10%, and can be biased when your blood sugar is stable.

For persimmon, lychee, grape, red dates, banana longan and other fruits, the sugar content is generally about 20%, the sugar content is more and the glycemic effect is not small. It is recommended that everyone choose carefully.

In general, the more chewy fruit contains more pectin, and the cellulosic material such as pectin is rich in content. The cell wall of this food will be relatively tougher, which indicates that some sugar substances will be It is confined to the cells without being completely released.

Therefore, the fruit that is thicker to eat and the fruit containing more cellulose have a lower glycemic index, so that the rate of glycemic after eating will be slower, and it is recommended that it be appropriately biased. That is to say, sometimes it is not a bad thing for some fruits to be eaten.

It is worth noting that the polyphenols rich in fruits can inhibit the activity of a variety of digestive enzymes, such as proanthocyanidins and tannins, which are relatively high in content, and the glycemic index of the fruit is relatively high. Low, the rate of glycemic will be slower.

In addition, fruits with higher acidity will also be more effective in delaying the increase in postprandial blood glucose.

To sum up, people with high blood sugar or diabetes can eat fruit. It is recommended to choose fruits rich in cellulosic substances, chewy, sour taste and low glycemic index to avoid excessive blood sugar.

Fruit multi-color intake, nutrition will be sufficient quality intake; daily life fruit should be multi-color supplement, cherry, pomegranate and other representative red fruits, mangosteen, pear and other white fruits, oranges, pineapples, papaya, etc. Yellow fruits, black purple fruits such as grapes and mulberries, and green fruits such as kiwi and green apples should match in multiple colors.

In general, do not want excessive blood sugar, please pay attention to the fruit to eat less meals, eat about 200 grams of fruit a day, divided into two in the morning and afternoon, it is generally recommended to eat about 100 grams of fruit directly for two meals.

For fruits, although it will affect your blood sugar, you need to increase the variety appropriately. It is generally recommended that the variety of fruits eaten every day is about two, and the variety of foods can bring rich and high-quality nutrients.

Healthy eating of fruit does not have an excessive effect on blood sugar; for nutritious and delicious fruit, please use scientific + healthy eating.

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