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Longevity – Juicing for Health, Nutrition, and Exercise

Longevity – Juicing for Health, Nutrition, and Exercise

Do you just ever look at a celebrity and wonder how he or she looks so young? There are even celebrities who look as young as they used to 10 years ago.

Brad Pit is 53 but he looks like he is in his 30s. Scratch that, Gwen Stefani hardly looks to have aged even a day since she released her first album in 1996. She is 47 but if anything, she looks younger now.

Of course, nobody wants to grow old, feel weakness in bones and have wrinkles on the skin. You must often wonder what keeps these celebrities this way, right?

For sure, taking a balanced diet and working out at the gym can really give you amazing results. However, it needs your time and attention.

According to a survey, 97% of Americans don’t take healthy diet and rely on junk food. And of course, people are so busy these days that they can’t make time for the gym.

If you want to have long-lasting endurance then you need to give your body proper nutrients. Also, taking out time for exercise is important. We have gathered a list of things that can help you having ever-lasting younger looks and beautiful body. Let’s check them out!

Eat a Bite of Super Fruit: 

Pomegranate fruit on cut board

Adding pomegranate to your daily routine can be beneficial for your overall health. According to Dr. Oz, “Current studies show that they are more beneficial than other fruits.” When you start taking pomegranate juice on regular basis, it controls cholesterol and maintains blood pressure. It even decreases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and gives endurance to your body.

Intake of More Fat:

Most of the people end up eating only vegetables. Surely, it is very healthy to eat veggies, but fat has its own importance. “Intake of Omega-3 fatty acids strengthen your bones and reduce visible signs of aging from the skin,” scientific study reveals. Moreover, “Omega-3s converts extra fats into energy. When your body has sufficient energy, it makes you healthy and provides you a radiant skin.”
Walnuts, salmon, and seeds are enriched with Omega-3 fatty acids. If you don’t prefer eating salmon or walnut, you can definitely go for seeds.

Take Proper Sleep


Most of us are so busy achieving goals and completing tasks, we start neglecting sleep time. There is no secret that lack of sleep leads to mood swings and poor health state. One must take 8 hours of comfortable sleep. Sleeping properly and comfortably is one of the main requirements of your body and you should take it seriously.

Make Time for Yoga


If you want to experience greater flexibility, more energy, less stress, and improved mood, then you must make time for this mind-body workout. “The conscious yoga breathing helps you build a strong connection between body and mind,” tells Cyndi Lee, founder of New York City’s Om Yoga.
Yoga work out oxygenates the cells and helps your body getting rid of toxins. Also, it prevents illness, keeps you fit, and provides you a flawless skin.

Drink Lots of Water

Undoubtedly, water is also a basic requirement of your body. If you have a hydrated body, you are able to have a younger looking skin and healthy body. It detoxifies your body and makes your skin fresh.

Give Yourself Some Time

According to a recent study, stress causes physical changes in your body which leads to aging. Herbert Benson says, “From sixty to ninety percent patients visit doctors for insomnia, depression, obsessive anger, anxiety, insomnia, heart attacks, high blood pressure, and hostility – all these health issues are caused by stress.
Most of us take too much stress of studies, job, business, and many other things that we end up stressing ourselves. Allow yourself to do what makes you feel happy and stress-free. Read motivational quotes or a book, watch a movie, hang out with friends or go to dinner with your loved ones. This way you will have a healthy lifestyle and a relaxed mind. You can have a long-lasting younger skin and a healthy body if you follow these tips.

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