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Home Business Jumbled in cup: consequences of using Toddler Sippy Cups

Jumbled in cup: consequences of using Toddler Sippy Cups

Jumbled in cup: consequences of using Toddler Sippy Cups

The idea behind a sippy cup is a coaching cup that is used by baby when it is acquiring knowledge of the process of drinking from an actual glass. The big benefit of a toddler sippy cup is that it has a cover with a spout. Baby can easily sip from it without making it messy.

Since it is alike a nipple, the Toddler Sippy Cups working is formerly known to baby. Sippy cups can also stimulate the evolution of motor skills such as hand-eye co-ordination, because it is needed to be picked up and hold them.

The Toddler Sippy Cups are effortless for both moms and kids as they can be carried out easily. On the other hand, they can be liable for slow growth of oral muscles. Although, Toddler Sippy Cups are more favourable but they can be replaced by other types of cups.

There are some reasons behind pulling in the substitutes in picture, and they are as follows:

  • Oral-motor evolution and talking:

Using of Toddler Sippy Cups avert them from chance to learn grown-up oral-motor and swallowing abilities. Sipping cups compel babies to use an infantile suction method while drinking. And the spout averts the tongue from raising during swallowing.

The persistent use of Toddler Sippy Cups can obstruct in the evolution of proper lips, jaw and tongue activities required to drink from a usual cup. An infantile swallowing method can also interfere in tooth positioning and talking maturity.

Kids with tongue thrust may lead to issues concerned with pronouncing some speeches, such as the ‘t’ sound.

  • Vehicles for sugary beverages:

The toddler sippy cup can just substitute baby bottles or pacifiers. More importantly, Toddler Sippy Cups can be vehicles for beverages consisting of high quantity of sugar. Therefore, the unrestricted sucking combined with uncontrolled level of sugar vulnerable to poor little teeth.

  • way to poor nourishment:

When babies and toddlers sip on their sippy habitually all over day, they are vulnerable to overabundance sugar and calories. This may result in harmful obesity and health concerns.

Leaving the toddler sippy bottle into bed is a bad practice because lactose present in milk will settle down in teeth overnight. This increases the threats of cavities.

  • A step towards constipation:

Sipping of beverages from Toddler Sippy Cups may lead to constipation if used regularly. Sipping continuously from the mug make babies tired and they don’t take enough intake of food or water.

Thus not taking sufficient quantity of food and water results in difficulty in emptying the bowels. Which further takes a form of constipation.

Substitutes for Toddler Sippy Cups:

Many parents are not aware of the fact that babies can and are liable to be commenced to regular cups. This introduction to traditional open cups can be done from the age of six months. The current infant-feeding instructions depict that regular cups are correct option from the get-go.

A baby can be introduced to open cup when she starts eating real food. The earlier you will introduce the fast they will learn to swallow from those traditional open cups.

Babies are naturally prepared to learn how to drink from a straw cup when they are of nine months. You can initiate it in the age of six months. First time it may be difficult or it may choke while using an open or straw cup. It is completely normal but in beginning try to give some semi-solid food from the cup.

If you are practiced the use of Toddler Sippy Cups don’t get panic. You can slowly wean your little one from the Toddler Sippy Cup to use traditional open cups. And you will be amazed when the little one expertise in it.

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