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Is Your Volkswagen Ready for Rains?

 Monsoon around the corner and so is the Service Check-up Camp!

It’s the season for long drives, outings and monsoon servicing for your beloved Volkswagen.

Volkswagen Car Mansoon Tips

The season not only brings the much-needed showers but also inevitable traffic jams and flooded roads, and these are neither good for you nor for your car.

Right from the dirt, slush and water sticking to your car, rusting and electric shorting’s to the water clogging and wreaking havoc on your engine, there a good list of things that must be taken care of, this season.

Volkswagen Cars Mansoon Tips and Tricks

Here’s our exhaustive checklist along with some handy tips to keep both you and your Volkswagen monsoon ready this season

1.Tyre Check

Tires are play a significant role in a ensuring a smooth drive and making sure that the tyres are in excellent condition before the monsoons arrive is of utmost importance.

Aspects that need special attention include – the tread depth, and tyre inflation.

The Tread depth should be good enough to avoid skidding over slippery surfaces due to aquaplaning.

It becomes important to check the tyre inflation regularly as Tyres tend to lose air pressure quite a bit during the rainy season.

So, the best thing to do to ensure your tires haven’t lost their grip is to take your car to an authorized Volkswagen Service Center in Hyderabad for closer inspection of the tread pattern, sidewalls, and tire pressure.

Volkswagen Car Tyre Tips From PPS Motors

Pro tip:  To overcome front end skids, release the brake and let the front wheels roll freely to regain traction. For rear end skids, take foot off the accelerator and turn wheels in the direction of the skid and pump brakes lightly.


Your Volkswagen brake system needs to be 100% reliable, especially in the monsoon road conditions. You should check and replace the brake pads, fluid levels, and brake lines regularly to ensure no air or water ingress

To be extra sure, take it to the braking experts at your local PPS Motors Volkswagen dealers since they know best how to service the sophisticated anti-lock braking system (ABS) on all Volkswagen models.

Pro tip: The distance from the vehicle ahead, should ideally be double during the monsoon season compared to the normal season. In case of poor visibility, drive in the tracks of a vehicle ahead of you and watch out for brake lights in front of you

Volkswagen Car Long Trip Tips

3.Battery and Electricals

Unlike any other battery on the market, a genuine Volkswagen battery is engineered to provide more reserve capacity to satisfy the electronic demands of the car.

Extreme climatic conditions, however, are usually tough on batteries. Have your technician check the condition of your battery in advance.

Also, double check all electrical connections, insulation on the external wires, all the fuses, parking lights and brake lights.

Volkswagen Engine Tips and Tricks

Pro tip: you could apply a coat of petroleum jelly on the terminals and external connections to protect them from moisture.

4.Wiper Check

The Volkswagen wipers are made of a specially blended rubber compound that resists heat, road chemicals, and ultraviolet rays to offer improved wear resistance, reduced streaking, and less blade chatter.

However, it is suggested to check or change the wiper blades for every 15000 miles to be better prepared for a rough monsoon. It is also important to check the functioning of the wipers at all speeds.

Be sure to visit your Service Consultant for wiper blades that are just right for your car.

Volkswagen windshield wipers

Pro tip: Keep the wiper washer bottle topped up and if you want you can add a mild detergent to keep the windshield glass clean.

5.Body and Interiors

Do not let water sit on your car to minimise any adverse effect on the car’s paint. Use a wax polish to form a thin, protective layer on your car’s paint. The wax will not only protect the paint but will also allow water to roll off easily.

Sometimes, water also flows into the cabin area and damages the carpets and flooring. Clean the car regularly using a Vacuum cleaner so that there is no bad odour left and in case your seats get wet, keep the windows open to prevent fungus development. 

The exposed metal areas should also be protected by means of anti- corrosion spray. Check or replace the rubber lining on doors before the monsoons arrive.

Volkswagen Monsoon Care

Pro tip: It is better to use another set of old fabric mats instead of rubber mats for easy soaking of the dirty water.

6.Air conditioning unit

Proper functioning of the Air Conditioning unit becomes more essential during the monsoons to prevent the cabin from getting too humid which may result in unpleasant odours and fogging up the windows and the windshield.

Check your air filter if you notice your engine is not running smooth, including uneven running and increased idling speeds and check the pollen filters if you notice odd odours or the window and windshield interiors appear unclean.

Pro tip: Consider getting a portable air purifier to be installed in cars to efficiently d remove odour, pollen, smoke, dust, pet dander, and almost all other pollutants present a car’s cabin.

Volkswagen Car Monsoon car care
Volkswagen Car Monsoon car care

7.Engine and exhaust

The engines and hydrostatic locks are the most effected in cases of heavy rains or flooded roads. Repairing or replacing these water-damaged parts can cost heavily on one’s pocket.

It is advisable to stop driving if the car enters a waterlogged area and to avoid trying to restart a stalled vehicle by cranking the engine in such a situation. In case the car breaks down in a flooded area, the driver should call for technical help and get the car towed to the nearest Volkswagen service center Hyderabad rather than repeatedly trying to restart it.

Volkswagen Service Care

Pro tip: If you must drive through stagnant water, put the car in first gear and move ahead slowly. Make sure you do not stop in stagnant water. If you cannot avoid it, just keep revving your car a bit to keep the water from entering the exhaust system.

Volkswagen Service Care

So, don’t let the rains dampen your fun! Enjoy a smooth drive with Volkswagen Monsoon Check-up Camp at your nearest VW Service Centre in Hyderabad.

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