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If these 7 phenomena are tolerated again, it is not too far from your liver deterioration.

The importance of the liver must be seen by everyone.

As the unsung hero of the human body, the liver has no complaints to help us to undertake more than 500 jobs in the human body, whether it is to eliminate toxic substances, regulate cholesterol in the body, synthesize protein, produce bile and help the body to store glycogen.

But unfortunately, although the liver is so important, the incidence of liver disease in Chinese people is very high. This is why some people often blame ” the liver of Chinese people, the lungs of foreigners. “

As a major liver disease country, according to the statistics of the World Health Organization in 2016, the number of hepatitis B patients in China is as high as 90 million, and more than 90% of liver patients have a long history of chronic liver disease.

If you suffer from liver disease such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and cirrhosis, the possibility of developing liver cancer is much greater than that of ordinary people.

Therefore, people need to prevent and treat liver diseases in time to avoid more serious consequences.

When patients with liver disease have the following seven manifestations, they need to be vigilant or their condition deteriorates!

First, bleeding tendency

If the patient has bleeding, especially gum bleedinghemorrhoids bleedinggastrointestinal bleeding and other symptoms, indicating that the condition is already worsening. Only when the liver disease develops to a serious stage will the patient’s body show a bleeding reaction.

Second, liver ascites

Symptoms such as liver ascites have occurred in the human body, indicating that the liver disease has entered advanced stage or is extremely serious. Normally, the liver does not show symptoms of ascites. Once the liver has ascites, it needs to be promptly treated.

Third, portal hypertension

This symptom is also one of the manifestations of the deterioration of liver disease. Once people reach the corresponding condition, it will cause the body’s portal system pressure to rise. And the increase in portal pressure can easily cause gastrointestinal bleeding.

Fourth, the liver area is severely painful.

Patients with liver disease will present pain in the liver area, and as the condition continues to worsen, people’s pain will become more and more obvious. If the patient’s pain in the liver area is very intense, it must be worse.

Fifth, gastrointestinal bleeding

When the disease reaches a certain stage, it will cause people’s digestive tract to show bleeding symptoms. This situation is relatively high risk factor and needs urgent treatment.

Sixth, the skin is sallow

The jaundice value of the body of patients with liver disease will rise, so the patient’s skin will turn yellow. However, if people’s skin appears sallow and spreads more and more, it proves that the condition has deteriorated.

Seventh, spiders are getting denser and denser

The performance of spider mites occurs in patients with liver disease, but if the condition shows worse, the distribution of spider mites will become more and more dense.

Therefore, if these seven kinds of performances occur frequently, and friends who have liver diseases themselves, we need to be vigilant and do related prevention work.

For ordinary people, because the early symptoms of liver disease are not obvious, it is recommended that we need to have a physical examination once a year. Patients with liver cirrhosis such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and even some viruses are high-risk groups of liver cancer. It is recommended to conduct it for up to half a year. Physical examination.

I believe everyone can see that to avoid liver deterioration, it depends a lot on yourself.

If you don’t want to take the first step and take every step of prevention, I want to estimate how liver cancer can’t help you. Also check out why health is important in our life?

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