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How to Wash Curtains: Tips and Tricks | Dust Free Curtains Cleaning Tips

Nothing more essential in a house that some curtains that gives privacy and make cozy the spaces of each of the rooms. Undoubtedly, when we start the new project of a house, the time to select and place the curtains marks a before and after in the appearance of our home. They dress our windows, bring harmony and make comfortable each of the rooms in which they are present.

However, curtains are precisely one of the elements of the home cleaning we tend to forget, so that they accumulate dust and dirt and even bad smells. In fact, with the passage of time, the curtains tend to lose that luster and that original tone that we can only return with a thorough washing. But how to wash clothes like these are so big? Actually, washing curtains is much easier than it seems. It only requires a little dedication and some tricks that we discuss below:

Washing curtains by hand

  1. Although most fabrics can be put in the washing machine without problems, if it is not your case or you have doubts about the manufacturer’s recommendations, we recommend washing your curtains in the bathtub or in a large tub. Do it with warm or cold water and using a soap that respects the fabrics and colors. Any of the Fleet liquid detergent formulas will be ideal for this purpose. Let the curtains rest for a few hours moving the fabric from time to time so that it is impregnated equally.
  2. Empty the soapy water from the basin and refill it, this time, adding a little softener to leave the fabrics softer and more manageable. Let sit for half an hour and then rinse the curtains with clean water and then drain gently. It is recommended to wash curtains by hand on sunny days, to ensure that the fabric is going to dry without problems and it will not be necessary to drain the excess fabric to the point of leaving it too wrinkled.
  3. Finally, hang the curtains outdoors, ideally in the sun, and well spread so they do not wrinkle a lot or accumulate moisture. And a final trick: do not wait for them to dry completely to hang them on your bar. Do it when they are still somewhat wet (without dripping) so that they are ironed alone with the weight of the fabric. You will avoid an arduous work with the iron.
  4. For spots located on your curtains, apply a dry stain remover, which is used for garments in the hotel and rub without adding water before washing the curtains.

Washing curtains in the washing machine

  1. Without doubt it is the most comfortable and simple procedure, because it only requires paying attention to the type of washing required by the tissues. It is safest to select a program for delicate items in the washing machine with cold water and short spin so that they do not wrinkle a lot.
  2. Once the program is finished, stretch the curtains outdoors as we have recommended before or, if you have the possibility, introduce them in the dryer. To do this, it is best to select a program at low temperature long enough to remove much of the moisture and hang it even without drying to be ironed with its own weight.
  3. To pamper your curtains with each wash and leave them impeccable with a pleasant scent, we recommend using Talco Rosa Fleet liquid detergent, which combines the cleaning power of our formula based on natural soap, with the unmistakable fragrance of the San Talco softener Pink.

Maintenance of curtains

In addition to washing the curtains, it is important to maintain a minimum cleaning of them in day to day. So, during the weekly (or biweekly) cleaning of your home, we recommend that you check the curtains with the vacuum cleaner using the proper nozzle and power for this function to eliminate the accumulated dust. You can do it without having to remove the curtains from the bar or rail where you have them placed. We recommend you perform this task with the windows open to ventilate and prevent the accumulation of odors in the tissues.

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