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How to Use Technological Sources to Write Better

Writing is important, especially for students because they have to prepare their assignment. Without good writing skills they either have to hire some to buy assignment.

In addition to that, there are companies from where students buy assignment online. However, this article will discuss some technological sources which will help a person to write good English and you do not need any other person to write your paper.

If you follow the steps correctly and do not get overwhelmed with them, since we can assure you that very soon your writing will be much more acute, adequate and agile. In a short time you will see that what used to cost you several hours to write now you do it in a few minutes and very easily. Writing is an art, and the more you read, the easier it will be to write correctly since you will acquire more reading comprehension, you will speed up your mind and you will be able to understand things much more easily. In addition, you will expand your vocabulary, improve your writing and eliminate your spelling mistakes.

Following are some technical resources and suggestions to make you write good.

Use online Dictionary

When you are going to make your writing, it is recommended that you first use the online dictionary. For it, in Google you only have to write the word dictionary and you will have lots of links of online dictionaries. On online dictionary page you will find a field where you will have to write the word you want to consult in the dictionary. You can enter this site and search for any word in the English language.

Use intelligently the orthographic auto correction of your electronic devices

Most word processing programs have an option in the settings that gives you the opportunity to activate the dictionary autocorrect in the language of your choice. We have been using Google Docs for a long time because it offers many advantages:

  • There is no need to install additional software;
  • Only use the Google Chrome browser;
  • You can share documents that are saved on the Internet;
  • You can work offline and then synchronize your documents;
  • The spelling auto-corrector is activated according to the language you use, or you can go to the gear icon and update the settings to the Spanish language.

How to correctly use the auto-corrector spelling?

The most advisable thing is that when you write, do it as correctly as possible, but in a fluent way, without worrying about the spelling interrupting you too much. When you finish your writing, make an orthographic review of the entire document, consciously analysing each of the suggested corrections.

Do not trust blindly in the auto-corrector, because sometimes it does illogical and unexpected things. Always edit carefully and carefully any writing you plan to share. Remember that these are only tools and not a substitute for human intelligence.

If you do not know what a word means, do not use it

It is better to take a little longer to express your idea than to take the risk of using a word without being completely sure of its meaning and use.

Practice good habits

Recently it is happening that there are people who disfigure the English language completely. Most smart mobile phones have an option called “autocomplete”, in which if you press the “w” key when writing a message, it automatically gives you the option to autocomplete to: “what”, which is why There is a logical excuse and much less valid to distort the language, so we invite you to maintain its beauty and functionality.

Edit, edit and edit

The vast experience that we have accumulated over the last few years gives us the confidence to tell you that a short or extensive writing that is, must be edited at least 3 times. The first, lightly while you are writing, the second when you are reviewing content, and the last one in a deep and careful way, preferably by a person who is not the one who wrote the text.

In all the editing phases, you must pay attention to the automatic options that the text processor gives you and in the second and third you must read the writing carefully, seeking to eliminate, as well as writing errors, spelling, grammar and typographical errors that the automatic editor might not see.

Good spelling and writing are difficult skills to achieve, but it will always be easier to write and speak correctly, for those people who know how to take advantage of technology with intelligence. Because mobile devices and computers are to spelling, what calculators to arithmetic, which is why it is a good idea to use them, but also to know that we cannot always depend on them, to write correctly.

Today you have many electronic tools at your fingertips that you can use to reduce the complexity of writing and speaking English correctly. Apply the practical advice that we have given you in this video and continue captivating, inspiring and guiding the people who read or listen to the valuable material that you publish.

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