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With changing seasons, the skin and hair have to face a number of issues. Humidity accompanies numerous problems for the hair and so does dry season or winter. Once winter hits, people know that their skins and hair are going to suffer. Due to the dry weather, the skin tends to become dry too. And for people who already have dry skin issues, suffer even more during this time.
The same goes with hair, hair tend to go super dry and dead during winters. One might be able to maintain the shine during summers much better than during winters. However, this does not mean that you cannot prevent dryness or fight against it.

Numerous people start preparing just before winter arrives. They know what to do to keep their hair shiny and healthy during winter too. If you love your hair like any other girl does, and you do not want it to go through the additional stress during winters, then you must know the Do’s and Don’ts that will help you maintain the health and shine in winters.

Here is a guide which will help you know the necessary things you MUST do to keep your hair the best in health, no matter what the season is.

Well, we all get a little lazy and careless when it comes to hair. We consider taking care of the skin because we think we can style our hair the way we want and that’ll just cover up everything. But NO. You must have mercy on your hair the way you have mercy on your skin and tend to take care of it. The question is, how to take care of the hair during winters when it is all dry and flaky. Here’s how.

1- Oiling.
Let’s just admit, we hate this part. Applying oil is just another tough job and then the smell might not be too pleasant. But well, you’ll have to tolerate all this for the goodness of your hair because oil works the same way water does for your body.
Women who do not oil, should know that the sole reason behind the dryness and deadness of their hair is not using oil. Specifically during winter times when the scalp tends to get super itchy and dry, oil must be used to hydrate and moisturize it. You can go for olive oil or coconut oil because they work exceptionally well in making the hair healthy.

Also, you can mix oil, egg and yogurt to provide extra goodness. Sounds unpleasing? Apply it once and you’ll see the magic yourself.

2- Say no to towels.
Towels to dry the hair? A big NO. Towels have a very rough surface which provides a lot of friction. When you rub your hair with a towel for the purpose of drying, it will simply end up in a lot of slip ends and yes, dryness of the hair texture. If you feel like drying your hair after taking a bath, experts prefer doing it with a soft cloth such as a T-shirt.
Also, towel drying can increase hair fall.

3- Conditioning.
Yes, your hair do need a conditioner to moisturize and to restore the shine that you might have lost during winter time. After you shampoo your hair, apply the conditioner. The right way to apply a conditioner is going along the length of the hair. Numerous people make the mistake of focusing on the upper hair but skipping the lower portion. However, you should know that the lower portion is the most dead and old portion of your hair and contains all the damage and split ends. Therefore, you should apply a good amount on the lower parts and yes, keep it for a few minutes before rinsing it off. Do not be too impatient. For more tips click, here.

4- Trimming.
Well, numerous people do not like it but it is essential. Getting a trim at least once in 3 months is important. Trimming helps cut off all the dead parts of the hair and encourages hair growth. Once you get your hair trimmed, you’ll see how smooth and back to ‘’life’’ they’ll look.
If you do not like getting your hair short, just tell the person trimming your hair to cut the very ends.

5- The right shampoo.
Well, this is an important part. The right shampoo holds great worth. Using a shampoo which has sulphates in it, can actually end up with hair loss and fall.

6- Using the right dye.
Women who dye their hair, know how the use of a bad dye can literally irritate the scalp to the maximum. Know which dye suits you and does not go too hard on your hair and make it lose its shine.
Here are one of the best dyes which will definitely suit you if no other does.

L’Oreal Touch on Highlights:
These highlights are said to be the ‘’dimensional highlights’’. It is a dye which does not include any kind of hard and strong chemicals which can ruin the health and texture of the hair, rather once you wash it off after applying, you’ll notice a very smooth and beautiful look and you’ll also see how the shine of the hair has been maintained or increased. It works in not just providing color but also in conditioning the hair.
With just one application, you’ll see an even look of the hair. And yes, you do not needs foils or caps for its application.

One of the most liked shade in this range is the ‘’Creamy Caramel H60’’. Which provides a gorgeous caramel hint to the hair.

L’Oreal Pulse Non-permanent mousse hair color:
This color has the minimum quantity of ammonia in it. Ammonia might just dry and damage the hair and hence, this color does not do it. The electric black shade in this range is worth admiration because it provides a very shiny black color to the hair and the hair look super healthy.
You must go a test on a small strand of hair before covering the full head to know the color and if it suits you or not.
Moreover, this dye is made with no toxicities, but to stay on the safe side, an allergy test must be done to assure it does not irritate you in any way.

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