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How To Earn Money Through Online Part-Time Jobs Using Your Basic Skills

 If you wish to earn money by doing simple online part-time jobs or looking for how to earn money through online part-time jobs using your basic skills? Then you have landed on the right platform. You might have heard many people are trying to take advantage of the work from home during this time of the Corona crisis. There are many ways to earn money through online part-time jobs using basic computer skills. Some of the simplest ways are mentioned below:


Blogging is nothing but a place where you share your experience and keep people updated on what’s going around. People read this and often get inspired by your tips. It allows you to create good rapport and trust by your prospects, which develops trust.

You can start the blogging website within a few minutes. There are many free and paid websites, like Google AdSense, WordPress, Blogger, etc. Start writing an eye-catchy and informative content and promote it so that traffic starts showing on your blog. Most of these blogging websites pay you based on clicks & views the ads receive. Start blogging and earn money close to $10000 per month.

Affiliate marketing:

In simple terms, it means endorsing other vendor’s products on social networking websites. You could earn by getting affiliated to any of the popular online merchants like Amazon, eBay, Google, CJ, Max Bounty, etc. and promote their products. Getting affiliated with them is just like signing up online for any social networking website. Millions of people around the globe are earning $10000 per month from affiliated marketing.


You might have heard about this quite often in today’s digital era. YouTube has become the main source of generating income and has made many people rich within a short duration of time. One can earn simply by sharing any content, just post a video about your knowledge and skillset. Let it be related to cooking, dance, health, exercise, funny videos, or anything. You can monetize by your skills which were before limited to your family, town, or country. Simple steps to follow in order to become a YouTuber are:

  • Create your YouTube channel
  • Create an authentic exciting video and upload it to your channel.
  • Join the YouTube Partner Program and earn money in addition to becoming popular across the globe.

Depending upon the content you can easily earn $1000-$5000 per month by simply uploading just one video per week.

Online Tutoring Jobs:

Most of the skilled teachers are trying to find digital media to teach the kids, college students, or anyone who wishes to learn. If you teach online via Skype, WhatsApp, or education platforms like UpGrad, Edureka, or any other learning platforms. You can monetize your skills through this online part-time job to earn a minimum of $10 per hour as a tutor.

Online Surveys:

This is one of the most interesting and easiest ways to earn money online. It is interesting because you will get a chance to participate in different surveys and a chance to think about various interesting topics and churn your brain. Your opinion matters and can earn out of it!

You can earn $500 or even more by just working 1-2 hours a week from a few survey websites. Most of the big firms, MNCs want to promote and improve their products. You can start by registering your name and email address with the survey companies and earn $5-$20 per survey.

By now, you might have got an answer to your question of how to earn money through online part-time jobs, but it is not limited only to the options listed above. Some other options are Online Journalist, Social Media Manager, Transcriptionist, and many more. It is easy to earn money and increase your personal value if you are persistent with your approach to digital platforms.

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