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How Do I Reboot My Computer?

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There are a million reasons why you might need to reboot your computer. It may be that you’ve just installed a new piece of software and you need to reboot before the changes you have made will take effect, in which case, you will more than likely get a message pop on your screen that asks you if you want to reboot now or later.

Obviously, if you want to use the software you have just installed to work then the answer to the question your system is asking you is “yes”!

Once you click on yes, don’t panic when your PC starts to all sorts of things and then the power goes off; if all is well with your computer it will begin to reboot itself in just a few seconds.

Another reason you may wish to reboot your computer is if you have just uninstalled a piece of software, the same rule applies here as well, just follow the instructions on the screen. By the way, you may have read this far and still don’t understand what the phrase “reboot” is, it basically means that you want to turn your computer off but have it start up again straight away. If you have a windows-based computer it’s easy to reboot. All you have to do is the following:

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  • Ensure that you have exited out of any programs that you may have open; this includes Skype, whilst Skype is a great system, and it can chuck up some errors when you are trying to reboot your computer.
  • Go to the start menu at the bottom left hand side of the screen, you can’t miss it, it’s in green, has the windows symbol and says “start” in big letters!
  • When the start menu appears, right at the bottom you will have two options, “log off” and “shut down”.
  • Choose shut down, don’t panic you won’t be powering your computer off completely.
  • Windows is a clever operating system and it will give you several options when you choose the “shut down” option. These can be anything like hibernate (explanation on that one is for another article), shut down and restart (another word for reboot).
  • Choose restart.
  • Your computer will then go through the motions as if it was actually shutting down, however, once it has powered off, it will begin to start up again.
  • If your computer is password protected then you will need to enter it before your computer will reboot completely.

So that’s how you “reboot” your computer, easy isn’t it? One thing to note is that you have to be very careful if you think you may have a virus, some of these nasty little bugs can get into your computer and play havoc with your files. If you ever get an unexpected message to reboot your computer, BEWARE, this may be a way for a virus to get onto your computer. Seek medical attention for your computer first!

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