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Home Health How big is the danger of staying up late, do you know?

How big is the danger of staying up late, do you know?

Staying up late has always been an old topic for people to talk about. Have you really slept after good night? The “2019 China Sleep Index Report” shows: After 70, I love to read books before going to bed. After 80, I love insomnia, and I slept late 90. Many people turn to the West to watch the time of delay, and they are reluctant to send away this day, and the delay is mainly used to play mobile phones, chase and shopping. You may think that there is nothing big to sleep less, but be aware that staying up late can cause great harm to your body! You have to read if you have to stay up all night, how to stay up all night to minimize the harm? Five ways to save you if you want to minimize the harm

What are the dangers of long-term staying up late to the body?

  1. Will cause memory loss

Because staying up late, the brain can not easily feel dizzy when it is not resting. Frequent attention is not concentrated, and the spirit is sluggish. After a long time, it will damage the memory.

  • Can cause endocrine disorders

This is very serious for girls. In the case of staying up late, the organs, brains and eyes of the body are not rested, which will cause endocrine disorders, resulting in a series of diseases. If the liver and gallbladder do not get enough rest time, there will be spots, acne, dark circles, all kinds of acne, and people who stay up all night will generally gain weight.

  • The risk of cancer is greater than usual

In fact, there are many movements in the system and organs of the human body that can be carried out well after people are asleep. For example, detoxification of liver and gallbladder, gastrointestinal tract, and cell differentiation, and differentiation of cells when staying up late, it is very easy to differentiate cancer. Cells increase the chances of people suffering from cancer.

  • Will make people out of a sub-healthy state

Staying up late is easy to cause sleep quality damage, insomnia. Then it is very easy to feel tired, temper becomes violent, very easy to get angry, sometimes even some neurotic behaviours and thoughts, the whole person’s state is very poor.

  • Will induce sudden death

“Many of my patients used to work for more than ten hours a day. They often stay up late to work overtime at night, and sleep is seriously inadequate. ” According to an expert in cardiology at Beijing Anzhen Hospital, when the sleep is insufficient, the human body is in a state of stress for a long time, and the hormones such as adrenaline are continuously secreted. It can cause abnormal vasoconstriction and even induce sudden cardiac death.

  • Sudden on sudden deafness

Frequent staying up late, long-term fatigue, lack of sleep, will hinder the blood supply to the inner ear, once exposed to external stimuli (such as sudden changes in temperature, viral infections, etc.) can easily lead to sudden deafness.

  • Easy to disfigur

According to the London Sleep School report, a two-hour reduction in sleep a day can have a serious impact on appearance. The number of fine lines and wrinkles in women who participated in the survey increased by 45%, and the number of spots increased by 13%. The human eye turns red and becomes swollen, and the skin becomes slack and sagging, and more wrinkles grow.

  • Affecting gastrointestinal health

Human gastric mucosal epithelial cells are on average for 2 to 3 days and are usually performed at night. If you eat at night, your stomach will not be able to rest, which will affect the repair process. At the same time, the nightingale stays in the stomach for a long time, prompting the secretion of a large amount of gastric juice, causing irritation to the gastric mucosa. Over time, it easily leads to erosion and ulceration of the gastric mucosa.

  • Will reduce immunity

Frequently staying up late, tired, and lack of energy, the body’s immunity will decline, colds, allergies, etc. will find your head unexpectedly.

How can I help to fall asleep quickly?

  1. Morning exercise

Walking for 1 hour in the morning is surprisingly effective in relieving insomnia. People who exercise at least 3.5 to 4 hours a week are more likely to fall asleep; evening sports are less likely to fall asleep than those who exercise in the morning, and the greater the amount of exercise at night, the smaller the improvement.

Drink one tea and one porridge

One tea: 15 grams of hazelnuts, 15 grams of cypress seeds or 10 grams of schisandra, boiled in boiling water, and simmered for 5 minutes to become a scorpion tea to promote sleep.

A porridge: Take 15 grams of Yuanzhi, 10 grams of fried jujube kernels, 75 grams of glutinous rice, boiled into porridge, can be used as a night meal to promote sleep.

  • Finger combing

After a busy day, head massage, comb your hair and relax your mood before going to bed. Combing your fingers with your fingers before going to bed to help the blood flow, smooth the nerves, eliminate brain fatigue, and help to sleep.

  • Dinner to remember the 77 principle

l Try to eat before 7:00 pm (or at least 3 hours before bedtime).

l Eat 7 points full.

  • Tap the spring to help sleep

First, heat your feet, then massage the Yongquan point on the sole of the foot (the lower end of the footline, the position of the foot 1/3), take the middle finger from light to heavy, and perform a ring massage. Massage for three or four minutes will help sleep.

  • Bubble foot

First, the water should quickly submerge the knees; second, the water temperature should be hot enough to withstand; the third is to massage ten toes; the fourth is to soak the body to sweat slightly.

In addition, a small amount of salt and 8-10 peppers can be added to the foot bath to promote sleep. Let the blood in the whole body circulate up and down.

  • Don’t play mobile phone two hours before going to bed

The doctor suggested that you should advance the time to play the phone to two hours before going to bed, telling yourself that you can only choose one mobile phone, computer, and TV. After you have finished playing, you will vacate your brain for a few minutes. After you are in a daze, you can sleep in a down-to-earth manner.

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