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GMAT Requirements for Most Affordable Business Schools

GMAT full form stands for Global Management Admission Test. GMAT exam is the most common aptitude and subject centric test taken by students of business and finance. If you want to study abroad in USA, UK, Canada, or Australia, business schools all around the world ask for GMAT score. We are here with a list of Top MBA colleges / Top Business Schools around the world, and minimum GMAT scores required for them.

GMAT Scores:

GMAT has a scoring scale of 200 – 800, that means your score will be between these limits. 200 is the lowest GMAT score one can get, and 800 is the highest. GMAT scores increase in the multiple of tens. For Example, 200, 210, 220, 230… and so on. Just like GRE, GMAT scores are also valid for the five years from the test.

Out of the given Universities, most of them require more than 500 GMAT score for the candidate to qulify. Any score between 550 and 640 in GMAT is considered more than average – competitive score. A score above 550 will put you in top 50% of the total candidates who have taken the exam. Individually, the good GMAT score table are as follows:

Sections Sufficient (Top 50%) GMAT Scores
Overall 550+
Verbal Section 28+
Quantitative Section 38+
Integrated Reasoning 5.0+
Essay Writing 4.5+


Top MBA Programs around the world and GMAT score Requirements:

1. Top Affordable MBA programs in USA:

When it comes to business management, Study MBA in USA is the most sought after program in the world. Some of the top MBA USA programs for international students are surprisingly affordable. Here is the list of cheapest universities in USA for MBA, and GMAT requirements.

University Program Tuition Fees GMAT
Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico MBA, 2 Years 6309 USD Accepted
Anderson University Professional MBA, 2 Years 8787 USD Accepted
Otterbein University MBA, 2 Years 11124 USD 500
Northeastern State University MBA, 2 Years 10072 USD 400
Lincoln University MBA, 2 Years 9051 USD Accepted


2. Top Affordable MBA programs in Canada:

The most favourite country to study abroad right now, Canada offers some of the most affordable MBA programs with quality education and excellent research facility. Here is the list of cheapest universities in Canada for MBA, and GMAT requirements.

University Program Tuition Fees GMAT
University of Canada West MBA, 2 Years 19440 CAD Accepted
Memorial University of Newfoundland MBA, 2 Years 16559 CAD 550
Saint Mary’s University MBA, 16 Months 30465 CAD 550
University of New Brunswick MBA, 1 Year 24500 CAD 550
University of Ontario Institute of Technology MBA, 2 Years 27721 CAD 550


3. Top Affordable MBA programs in Europe:

The continent has a number of Top MBA programs to offer with many options to choose from when it comes to Universities. From Germany to Turkey and France to UK, Europe has some of the most affordable business schools you can attend. Here is the list of cheapest universities in Europe for MBA, and GMAT requirements.

University Program Tuition Fees GMAT
Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany MBA, 2 Years 0.00 600
Sapienza University of Rome, Italy MS in Business Management, 2 Years 2821 EUR 500
American Business School, France MBA, 2 Years 13680 EUR Accepted
Kadir Has University, Turkey MBA, 2 Years 11000 USD 650
Institut Superieur de Gestion, France MBA, 1 Year 13290 EUR Accepted


4. Top Affordable MBA Programs in Australia:

Australia has many top ranked prestigious Business Schools for international students who want to study MBA in Australia. With specialisations including Finance, Economics, Accounting and HR. there are many top MBA universities in Australia students can apply for.

University Program Tuition Fees GMAT
Queensland University of Technology MBA, 1.5 Years 47100 AUD 550
The University of Newcastle MBA, 2 Years  31035 AUD 550
Bond University MBA, 16 Months  42280 AUD 580
University of New South Wales Master of International Business, 2 Years 44640 AUD 600
University of Queensland MBA in Marketing, 2 Years 76584 AUD 550


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