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Frequently Asked Questions About Nasal Filters

Post industrialisation, the quality of air has depleted immensely. The testimony to this fact you get every day when you step out of your house – your eyes water, throat itch and breathing becomes difficult. Prolonged exposure in such an environment can cause great harm to your health. Asthma, pulmonary lung diseases, pneumonia, leukaemia and other respiratory, lung and cardiovascular diseases are some of the ill effects of air pollution on human health. So how do we protect ourselves? There are various wearable air filtration products available in the market but the one that is most popular among people is Nasal Filters. To help you ore about the product, we have answered a few common frequently asked questions.

What is a Nasal Filter?

Nasal Filter is a product that helps you breathe fresh air and keep most air-borne diseases at bay. It placed inside your nose so as to catch pollutants at the source. The product is capable of catching up to 98% of pollen, dust and mould from entering your nose.

Why should I buy a Nasal Filter?

The reasons you should buy Nasal Filter are:

  •        It provides instant relief from polluted air, pollen, allergies and other bacteria and viruses.
  •        It allows you to breathe better quality of air, thereby, improving your health.
  •        It neither causes nor has side effects of any medication or drugs.

Is it effective?

Yes. The product is worn in the nostrils, thus, catching dust, pollen and other particulate matter and semi-permeable matter at the source.

How can I wear it?

Wear it with clean hands. Hold the filter element with your thumb and index finger. Push one side of the filter into one of your nostrils and then push the other side. Also, ensure that the filter’s connecting band is always facing down.

Do I need to take some precautions before I use it?

There are no specific precautions that you need to take care of. The only thing you need to make sure of is that before wearing a Nasal Filter, wash your hands properly. Also handle the product carefully and when you see the colour of the filter has changed, replace it.

How can I remove it?

Removing nasal filters is very simple. To take it out of your nostrils, all you have to do is carefully pull on its connecting band until it is out.

Can it be used more than once?

Yes, you can use nasal filters more than once. But its filter element needs to be changed from time to time.

For how long a clean Nasal Filter can be used?

You can wear nasal filters for as long as you want it. However, for maximum benefit wear them only when you go outdoors. Also, do not use the filter if you have a running nose or any nasal passage irritation. Last but not least, remove the filter before you go to sleep.

How can I clean or keep Nasal Filters(Pollution Mask)?

To clean nasal filters, remove the replacement filter from inside and dip the housing in warm water for about five minutes to sterilize.

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