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Older people used to share their tips for best care, you must agree that five things your grandmother knew about health and they are still true, Nowadays people complain much about the hair problems, the problems such as, dryness, hairball, split ends, discoloration and much more. What is the reason behind these growing hair problems? Some say that these are because of improper diet, while others say that this might be because of pollution, people also claim that these are due to the heavy chemical which contact with our hair in the form of creams, shampoos and conditioners. Whatever the reason is, we need a great battle against it. Here we are going to shred some tips that might help you in getting rid of such problems.

Keep yours sculpt clean

One of the most important thing you need to do is, properly massage yours sculpt with the finger tips, wash it properly with a quality cleaner, dry it well. Why all this? This is because, many times the growth of the hair is improper just because the sculpt is dirty or the pores are blocked due to the dandruff or dirt layer. So, it is necessary to clean the sculpt properly.

Replace your hair drying towel

Towel dries best, but unfortunately it wipes out the natural moisture. Instead of the towel, use a cotton, linen or a silk cloth piece to wrap your wet hair after bath. This will help you in keeping the moisture of your hair and will also give a perfect smoothness if done regularly.

Use natural products

Nature is the best remedy, just you have to get it done with great consistency. Aloe gel, donkey milk, coconut oil and much more natural products can help you out in keeping your hair beautiful and healthy for a longer period. Yoghurt and eggs also help you in your hair maintenance, the other things like lemon juice are also effective for this purpose.

Say no to hair dryer

No matter what the occasion is, say a big no to all sort of machines that you stylist uses on your hair. It completely vanishes the shine, bounce and moisture of your hair. Instead of such machines you might use silk or foil wraps to style your hair. Also, don’t ever go for the hair sprays, gels or other creams for styling. Trust me, you are perfect with your natural beauty. Enjoy it forever.

Oiling is must

Like the machines get rusty, our hair also gets sticky and damaged by time. To keep them lively it is must to oil them twice a week. Wash them properly, massage them regularly and try not to use the heavy chemical containing creams and shampoos. Olive oil, castor oil and coconut oil are considered best for the hair massage. Their action is multiplied in the hair keeping.


Every part of body is the gift of God, never take it for granted. Make yourself believe that you are perfect with some flaws. So never go for the artificial methods of hair maintenance.

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