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Properties of Faceted Quartz | Main Esoteric and Healing properties

Properties of faceted quartz is the crystal par excellence, when you approach it, it chooses you and you cannot let it go. The quartz crystal in meditation will be a wise bridge to the truth you want to know.

Main esoteric and healing properties:

They contain six facets in their pyramidal structure, they represent the first six vital centers and the apex, or point where the faces meet, the crown chakra; that is, contact with the Universe.

This makes it the transmitter of the visible light spectrum, but of many other vital radiations from the cosmos.

Applying it in healing and supportive therapies, the extraordinary ability of the crystal to vibrate in resonance with all the frequencies of the universal spectrum makes all the Chakras vibrate in unison, harmonizing them with the eternal light.

It is the most versatile and unlimited of all crystals. Used for healing at all levels, meditation, reprogramming, transformation and protection.

They detect and remove energetic blocks, separating negative frequencies.

Working with them is proven to help increase psychic powers, being a great companion for concentration, meditation and telepathic communication with other people.

The size of the crystal is important for healing purposes.

It is a powerful transmitter and amplifier of light energies at all levels, purifying our vibration.

The mystery of crystals, such as quartz, has been revealed in part by the advances of quantum physics in terms of atomic and sub-atomic levels, in a space totally different from ours but that has great influence, both positive as a negative

It is electromagnetic stress or electrostatic stress, caused by the high electrical charge of the air, saturated with positive ions. After the storms, the rains clean the atmosphere by discharging the negative ions. Which allows relaxation and deep rest?

In the Jewish Kabbalah he is named as the old man of days, the ancient of the ancients, the secret of secrets, the inner light of matter, the hidden intelligence of all things.

All the cultures of the Earth used him.

Transparent quartz is an energy field balanced by nature.

Mystically they are the spirit and the intellect of human beings. Because of their use to heal, alter consciousness and in magic it is considered the gem of this era. We do not talk about the fashion of the new era, we speak in spiritual terms. They are a balanced energy field.

The best transmitters and generators of energy.

They balance the energy, transmit it and can concentrate and store it.

Rarely is there anyone who is not attracted to quartz.

They extend the power of perception in meditation, they increase the capacity for telepathic communication, they can cross from one dimension to another, and they increase the psychic awareness, in deep meditations it helps the mind to concentrate.

The union of their joints vibrates intensely tuning with cosmic harmonies that are healing and spiritually uplifting.

One of the basic stones of healing. The six faces of the pyramidal structure represent the first six chakras and the apex represents the union or chakra crown (Properties of faceted quartz).

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