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Explore Effective Ways How Smaller Fashion Brands Could Grow with Instagram in 2018

Explore Effective Ways How Smaller Fashion Brands Could Grow with Instagram in 2018

In 2018 we find that Instagram is dominated by fashion brands as more and more fashion houses and fashion designers are realizing the importance of Instagram in promoting their brands and helping them carve out a niche for themselves in the fashion industry.

There are many things to know and understand about the fashion brands. Fashion is supposed to be one of the most dominant industries on this hot favorite social media platform. Fashion brands on this platform are known to receive about 102 comments and 16,616 likes per post. Moreover, statistics have already revealed that one-third of the total Instagram users have actually bought apparel they came across the social media platform.

Today more millennials are following celebrities and brands on Instagram and they are obviously, getting addicted to the platform. This way, Instagram has become a wonderful bet for fashion-oriented brands. There are great marketing opportunities and intense competition on Instagram for fashion retail.

As such relatively insignificant and smaller fashion brands are struggling to stand tall among the rest or even survive in this highly competitive landscape. So you need to chalk out a super-effective Instagram marketing strategy for your fashion brand. You could now successfully promote your small business, boost brand awareness, and finally, drive sales with these effective tips and you may even buy real Instagram likes from reputed digital marketing services.

Explore Effective Ways How Smaller Fashion Brands Could Grow with Instagram in 2018

Start with a Ready-to-Implement Instagram Marketing Plan

You must organize your content as per your priority but you need to keep a month’s content ready well in advance. You must keep a broad spectrum of content ready. Different content must be chosen as you never know which type would work best with your target audience. Decide how frequently you would like to post. You must set Instagram KPIs for measuring your Insta-success.

You must already have a perfect marketing plan at your disposal even before you initiate posting on Instagram. Not having a plan in place could be the reason why certain fashion brands are not able to make a mark in the fashion world. It is absolutely mandatory to enter the field and start the game fully-prepared. You must understand the rules and know what all it takes for coming out victorious.

Perfect Your Photos

You must understand that you are on Instagram, the outstanding realm of fascinating pictures. Even if you are not a fashion house, you would be expected to come up with high-quality content if you are on Instagram, a brilliant visual platform like never before. If you are a fashion brand, it becomes all the more important for you to showcase top quality content. Instagram photos must have a high resolution as nobody would engage with poor-quality and hazy pictures. Your Instagram pictures must necessarily tell a story to boost engagement. Your photos should fit visually into your fashion brand’s theme. Everything should work together seamlessly on Instagram. Your pictures could be separate pieces; however, your entire feed must be like a single organic outfit. A signature look must be reflected in all your content.


Once you have an elaborate marketing strategy ready and you are also, ready with top quality content, you must start boosting engagement with other Instagram users and followers. Keep liking, commenting, and reposting. Express your gratitude to people who like, comment, and follow you. Consider building a robust community by simply engaging with all your potential clients. Moreover, make the most of influencer marketing on Instagram.

Author Bio: Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.


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