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Drink a cup of “corn water” every day, what will happen to your body after one week?

Corn must be said to be a so-called “medical cure” that has been circulating for a long time. It is mentioned that corn must be soaked in water. Everyone will always hook up with high blood pressure, constipation and even cancer, but from a scientific point of view, some the principle of things does not exist. Corn must, why is it amazing? Really amazing? What is the role of using it to soak water? Use a few words to talk to you about the true and false information about corn must.

Corn mustard, also known as “Dragon Bear”, is also known by many people as “the pearl of the crown”. From these, you can easily see the importance and praise of the corn must.

Corn must, from the perspective of nutrient analysis, what are the highlights:

When it comes to corn, it is undoubtedly still linked to corn. Corn is a good kind of coarse food, and it is also a kind of food that everyone should always use as a staple food. The various nutrients contained in corn whiskers are nothing more than dietary fiber, flavonoids, corn erythropoietin, B vitamins, alkaloids and saponins.

What are the benefits of using corn to soak in water?

Corn mustard, when it comes to plant food, it is a relatively important thing. Although corn must contain certain nutrients, although it seems that it contains a lot of nutrients, it will eventually It is also a kind of food. It can be eaten (drinking), but it can’t be superstitious. Some animal experiments may prove that drinking corn water will have the effect of treating certain diseases, but it cannot be directly replaced with human body because of the intake in animal experiments. The dosage of the efficacious substance in the corn mustard is relatively large, and the point at which you drink it is really unsatisfactory. Please treat it scientifically.

On the basis of aside the dose, what is the effect of drinking corn water on the body?

  • Proper hypoglycemic effect:

The saponin substance is contained in the corn whisker, and the saponin can play a role in maintaining healthy blood sugar for the body, and frequent intake can prevent the occurrence of hyperglycemia.

  • Helps achieve weight loss:

Corn must be soaked in water, has a good diuretic effect, moderate intake can promote the body’s water excretion, in addition to a certain mineral element, can play a certain role in promoting weight loss.

  • Protecting the heart has a positive effect on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases:

Corn must contain a certain number of flavonoids and unsaturated fatty acids. Regular intake can reduce the content of low-density lipoprotein, which can protect the blood vessels and heart and prevent the occurrence of various cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

  • Promote intestinal metabolism and prevent constipation:

Undoubtedly, corn must contain a certain amount of dietary fiber, which can promote intestinal metabolism, promote bowel movements, prevent constipation and colon cancer, and help promote intestinal health.

In addition, corn must contain certain zeaxanthin and carotene, which also have a positive effect on vision.

Of course, the biggest benefit of drinking corn mustard for the body is this:

Aside from the more miraculous effects, the biggest effect of drinking corn water is actually to increase the amount of drinking water. Most modern people do not have enough drinking water. If you add some corn, you can increase the daily drinking water. In fact, it is also a good thing.

Promotes metabolism, prevents various dry diseases, and prevents the occurrence of various chronic diseases such as constipation.

Is it recommended to use raw or cooked water?

From the perspective of food safety, it is recommended that you choose to soak the corn in the water, or directly drink the corn to drink, to avoid damage to your body due to harmful substances such as bacteria and impurities entrained in it, the nutrient itself is limited. There is nothing wrong with the loss.

Drink corn mustard, you should have this attitude:

  1. Can drink, harmless, but can not be myths its benefits.
  2. Drink, please pay attention to safety, avoid threats, and clean.
  3. Food will not cure.

Corn must, a kind of rumored health product, can eat, but please refuse to rumor, drink hot water in summer, I hope you are not threatened by drying.

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