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Home Business Domainig: The unexposed online business that can make you a millionaire:

Domainig: The unexposed online business that can make you a millionaire:

Domainig: The unexposed online business that can make you a millionaire:

Making money online is the most searched topic nowadays. With stiff competition all over the world it is getting more and more difficult to earn a high paid job to an average person. But this is not the end as still there are many things to explore. Online earning is the most topics that should be explored by anyone as it can provide you a descent passive income. Passive income is anything that is a side income. But when it comes to online earning people usually go for blogging or starting a youtube channel. The problem is they are not exposed to other online businesses like Domaining.

Domaining is the buying of domains at lower prices and selling them at higher prices. For example you find out an amazing domain and think that its value will increase in future, you can sell it at thousands of dollars. In this blog we will share with you the tips for domaining and some real life stories about domainers.

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Make money online

How is Domaining done?

Domaining is quite like dealing in terms of land and property. You have a land, its value increases and you sell it. There are domainers who buy simple domains and put it on auction on sites like flippa.com and make millions from it.

For example. If a particular domain has a popular searched keyword in it and a .com extension its value increase with more traffic reaching it.

Sex.com- $13million


These simple domains are of so much value and were purchase by their owners at around $10. It is all about creativity and observation from stats which domain can have a higher bid in the future. Domaining is a big business as you can make thousands of dollars a day just by having a proper knowledge how it is done.

Top tricks used by domainers:

Note that all the visitors on a site are not only from google or bing search engines. There are errors also which land the visitors to the wrong page. It is like you miss type facebook.com as facevook.com. If you own the domain facevook.com, traffic on it will increase significantly. Hence its price will sky rocket.

  • Domainers often use this trick that is mentioned above of buying popular domains with typo errors. Like googlw.com, yahooo.com and many more. It is just to find a popular website and make possible combinations of errors. Finally register those domains on internet and you can sell them on auction.
  • Buying expired domains: It often happens that a company forgets to renew their domains before its expiration period. The domain registrar still provides a month to re register it and once it is done, you can purchase it and sell it back to the company at high rates. Similar incident happened with facebook as it forgot to renew its domain. Ultimately Facebook had to buy this domain from the new owner for billions of dollars.
  • Speculative domaining is the technique in which you analyse the properties of a domain. There are sites like godaddy that can give you full features of the domain about how well they are.

Risks involved in domaining:

Often the sellers give you the fake statistics of their domains and fool you. Hence make sure you do a proper analysis of the domain before buying it.

When a person buys a domain related to the name of a company the company can complaint against you. Hence you should keep both these features in find before starting domaining.
There are other easy ways also to make money online like by filling surveys. Thank you for reading and make domaining popular by sharing this blog with your friends.

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