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Does Weight Have An Effect On The Results of a Facelift?

When most patients consider the idea of going through a facelift surgery, a major mistake they make is considering the surgery without paying any close attention to their weight. They ignore any changes or fluctuations in their weight, which may affect the results of their surgery. When you consider a facelift in Atlanta, your concern should be whether 10 or 15 pounds can actually have a drastic effect on the results of your surgery.

Are you following a new exercise routine just a few weeks before the day of your surgery? Even though the condition of your health matters, it is also essential for the recovery, and as a facelift patient, you have to consider how the results may change in any last-minute weight fluctuations.

Keep in mind that the results of your facelift could have adverse effects, especially if your weight doesn’t remain balanced.

Who Should Consider a Facelift?

The facelift cosmetic surgery is a unique one, and it includes different approaches to help improve the face contour and the firmness of the skin. Your plastic surgeon’s job is to work on the facial muscles, tightening them, the underlying soft tissue on the lower face, and removal of any excess fat from the chin and jaw, or redistribute the fat in these areas. Sometimes, they also remove extra, loose skin.

When the surgical procedure comes to an end, and after full recovery, the results are powerful, erasing 10 years of aging from your appearance. For ideal candidates, the facelift surgery is the best decision that can change their life. Then again, back to the main question here, who is the ideal candidate for the Crispin Plastic Surgery facelift? Is there any important factor you need to meet up with prior?

Ideally, what an ideal candidate should ensure is to have a good overall health, avoid smoking, and keep realistic expectations from the results of the surgery.  Do you want to get rid of the aging lines around the lower area of your face? As a good candidate for the procedure, maintain your weight, which will influence the results of your facelift, ensuring it lasts long and heals properly.

You need to know that added or loss of weight from your face close to the facelift or even right after the surgery will have an impact on the results.

The Right Pre-Facelift Weight Loss Time

During your initial consultation with your surgeon, you have to consider your weight goals. If you plan to lose more weight before your surgery, inform your surgeon. If you have any weight goals, your surgeon will probably encourage you to lose the weight first and then return for another consultation to assess your chances.

Definitely, you wouldn’t want to hear this, but you need to know that dropping many pounds at once will alter the appearance of your face in unexpected ways and your surgeon would not want to see sudden changes in the operating room.  However, another consultation will give you the chance to get to a stable weight first and update your surgical plan.

When it comes to pre-facelift weight loss, the right time is crucial. To get back to a balanced weight, you should eat healthy, and foods that are rich in minerals and vitamins along with regular exercises. Avoid the intake of fats, oils.

Maintaining Your Weight Post-Surgery

After any surgery, it is always important that you maintain your weight. The facelift surgery would already take away some fat from the face, so if you end up aiming for drastic weight loss, this will simply change your look. If you plan to lose weight, and then make sure that, you wait until you recover fully and let your surgeon guide you on when to consider an exercise routine again.

After you recover, just keep in mind that your weight will not drop all at once, and most successful stories take years but give stable results. Post your facelift in Atlanta, you should aim for a slow rate loss in weight. Losing 1-2 pounds in a week is a safe way to ensure the best, long-lasting results.

In some cases, when people experience weight loss after their surgery, the appearance of their facelift results changes. When you recover, your surgeon will then guide you through the techniques to help add or lose volume in your face in a natural way. However, if you are too skinny, then you may need dermal fillers or fat transfer.

Keep in mind managing the results of your facelift after surgery is possible and it does have an effect on the long-term results of your surgery. Discuss all your options with your surgeon regarding your weight loss goals, and be honest about your expectations. Take the advice of your surgeons seriously at each step.

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