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Home Business Does a gift wrap reflects your personality?

Does a gift wrap reflects your personality?

Does a gift wrap reflects your personality?


It was my mom’s birthday, I got a pair of earing for her. Should I wrap it or not? This click! You heard right, we often think about it, whether the gift needs to be wrapped up or not, well, here are some facts that will be leaving you in the whole new world of thought, arising a new paradigm, whether the gift wrapping is just a wrapping or even more?

This writing is specially for those who are curios about the adventurous facts, those who believe there is always much more than the apparent reality. Here we are going to show you different dimensions by which your gift wrapping reflects your personality.

The choice of color

Well, this is no more a hidden truth, that the choice of colors reflects the image of your personality. People who often go for bright colors in wrapping a gift are more likely to be adventourous, they like to add up their energy in their wishes, contradict to this, when a person choose a dark color as a wrapper, he is more expressive and adds an emotional tone in his wrapping. Whereas people with the selection of dull colors are mostly elegant and decent. They are most concerned about their personalities. You can also get more about it in the, does your favorite color reflects your personality?

The choice of pattern

Pattern on a gift wrapper matters  a lot, people who like to wrap the gift in floral or natural patterns are having a true feeling, however, the one who choose zigzags or criss cross are those who are having diplomatic nature. People who choose a standard pattern of different things having a clear image are those who are most concerned about their decency.

The way of wrapping

There are many ways of wrapping a gift and all of us know that it matters a lot that how the gift is presented. People who wrap the gift in simple manner are those who never try new things and are least likely to accept the change. People who choose to make something different while wrapping up a gift are those who are creative and are always ready to  accept the challenges.


There are many more things that can reflect your personality by just looking into the way you have wrapped up your gift. So next time when you go for wrapping up a present, keep in mind that your wrapping means much more than the wrap only.

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