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Delightful Decoration For Baby Shower Balloons

Delightful Decoration For Baby Shower Balloons

Baby shower is a thrilling and exciting affair for expectant parents. Some parents held baby shower before two months of baby’s birth. Some of the parents held baby welcoming ceremony after baby birth. In both ways parents and family need a great decoration. Baby shower is a theme party so you have to be very much careful about planning and organizing baby welcoming ceremony. Here we talk about some creative ideas of how to decorate a baby shower party with baby shower balloons. It will definitely help you in making delightful decoration with no burden of cost.

  1. Letter Balloons

Letter Ballons

You are getting bored with same decoration with multicolor balloons, let’s do something creative. Foil balloons are decorated in many events. But now they are accessible in letter balloons. A Mylar letter balloons specify the meaning of celebration. It comes in various shades of metallic, silver, gold or any color. The big “BABY” letter balloons can be adjusted in various decorations. You can use it as a backdrop, to decorate the cake table or use it for photo booth. These letter balloons are easily available on baby shower balloons shop. If you want to float the BABY word, get helium filled letter balloons.

  1. Pacifiers


Pacifier is the most desired thing when baby is growing. Pacifier balloons are sure to win the mom’s heart. Make pacifier balloons to decorate the guest’s arrival door, back drop or decorate the photo booth. You are sure it is a boy; blue color decoration perfectly matches with it. If it is a baby girl get some pink balloons pacifiers. It is not disclosed yet; you can decorate the room with both blue and pink mixed balloons pacifiers.

  1. Table Décor

Table Décor

You can make beautiful hombre centerpiece using various silver and blue or silver and pink balloons. Decorate the table with helium filled balloons and tie them on sides or attach to the wall. First let’s start with floating light colored balloons on the top. Slowly make a hombre design centerpiece using dark colored balloons downside. Decorate the table with various greenery, vintage decoration and gift boxes. Or use white pink and polka dot balloons floating on the cake table.

  1. Balloons arch

Balloons arch

You can create various decorations using balloons arch. Balloons arch is most probably use to decorate the invitation door of baby shower party. It is an outdoor celebration or in house party, balloons arch is a compulsory tradition of baby shower. You can make it simple by gluing white color balloons to each other.  You can use shades of pink or blue to get to know the baby’s gender and send balloons online. You can use various laces and other decoration to make a beautiful balloons arch.

    1. Baby Bottle design with balloons

Baby Bottle design with balloons

You find so many baby toys, stuffed animals decorated in baby shower celebration. You can add fun party by shaping up balloons. Instead of filling empty spaces with baby toys, let’s do something with balloons. It is a baby blue balloons or pink balloons; customize them in baby bottle design. Balloons look so cute and adorable when personalized in unique way. You may get some sort of difficulty in making this. But once it will complete you will get this bottle balloons design as a centerpiece. Make a selfie point around this centerpiece, so guests can capture the moment with balloons bottle centerpiece.

    1. Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon

Welcome the new baby from heaven by decorating the party with hot air balloon. Create hot air balloon using eco friendly basket. Let the giant balloon float upside and small basket hanged down the balloon. You can fill this basket with teddy bear or with flowers. Hot air balloon decoration is the great way to welcome the bundle of joy in this world.

Here are some whimsical ideas of decorating the baby arrival ceremony with balloons. You are not going over the budget if you use maximum of balloons decoration. Balloons are low in price, they are easy to move and clean after party. At the end of party, you can give balloons as a thank you favor. It is a balloons arch, balloon centerpiece or balloon animal each has a sweet story to tell. So here is the way to make use of balloons for inspirational decoration, hope we come near to your expectation. If you like this article, you are free to share this information with others too.

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