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Definitive Guide to Replace the Damaged Screen of Mobile

Definitive Guide to Replace the Damaged Screen of Mobile

It is never foreseen. No matter how cautious you are with your mobile phone you can never predict it coming. The process is much faster than you can imagine. Your phone is sitting there calmly oblivious of any danger that might be hovering over it. You take it in your hands to check on the latest news and suddenly it slips out of your grasp smashing the screen to pieces. Those few seconds are enough to give anybody a mini heart attack but now that the damage has been done, it is best advised to gather you up and find out ways to fix it. In cases where the damage is severe, salvaging your beloved mobile phone might not be possible but if the damage is less you can always find some ways to deal with it.

The great thing is about mobile phones is that they can withstand minor bumps and scratches but here we are talking about cracked screen. No matter how common this damaged screen might seem they are still a thing to worry about. But you should be happy knowing that are multitude of options available to repair or replace a cracked screen. If you are not planning to buy yourself a new mobile phone any time soon you should go for screen repair option to be able to keep using your mobile phone like before.

Definitive Guide to Replace the Damaged Screen of Mobile

You can either choose to repair it yourself or seek the help of repair centres or get it serviced. The DIY screen replacement can seem tough if you are not a tech savvy person and have no knowledge of such things. In this case it is advised that you take professional help rather than choosing to do it yourself. However, if you are confident about your expertise you should give it a try. There are some steps that are common to all mobile phones despite the fact that they are different. These steps are:

  • Remove the cover, SIM card and the battery
  • Separate the motherboard from the display
  • Lift the screen out of your phone and insert a new one
  • Reassemble your phone

These steps make replacing your damaged screen appear extremely easy but the actual process is not that simple. You will realize it once you start doing it. Hence, it is always good to be prepared and not rush through the process. Here is a detailed process to repair and replace the damaged screen of your mobile phone.

Before you start repairing your mobile phone make sure that you have all the necessary items needed to take you through the process. Some of the important things that you are going to need are:

  • Screwdrivers
  • Torx drivers
  • A pair of tweezers
  • Guitar plectrum

Now that you have all the stuff with you, you should follow the following steps and start replacing your mobile phone screen

  1. Power off your mobile phone by holding down the power button for few seconds. Once the power is off, remove the back plate by turning the phone over and take out the battery.
  1. Next you should remove the SIM card of your mobile phone and keep it at some safe place so as not to lose it. Now find the plastic RF gourmet. It is usually located at the bottom of the phone near the battery. Use a pair of tweezers to remove it from the phone.
  1. Locate the hole on the opposite side where the RF gourmet was located. After you have located it use the tweezers to pull up on the latch inside the hole. It will help you unlock the plastic antenna cover. Keep the cover aside after you have separated it.
  1. Use the Torn screwdriver to pull out the screws along the edges of the phone and separate the metal plate.
  1. Remove the plastic cover with the help of a screwdriver and keep it aside. Now you should be able to see the LCD screen. Use tweezers to unlock the latch on the side of the LCD screen. Gently pull the screen off the phone and detach the cable running from the screen to the phone. Take every precaution so as not to damage it in the process. Once you have successfully disconnected it place the new screen back into the phone and attach the cable.
  1. Now that you have successfully replaced the screen it’s time to get your phone back in its working condition. Start by flipping the phone over and reattach the metal plate. Place the RF gourmet, which had been taken out, in its proper place. Insert the SIM card and battery back in the mobile phone. Attach the back cover and power it on to make sure that the replaced screen is working efficiently.

Following these steps will help you replace the damaged screen of your mobile phone. But if you are not confident about doing it yourself you should always get it done at repair centers. Research about repair centers like Togofogo near you that offer genuine services and get it repaired before further complications arise.


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