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Carpet and rugs a fine way to decorate a place

Carpets entered the European countries in 18 century and since day every country has its own legacy of making carpets and rugs people from around collect such items as antique nevertherless, whether it be a normal person or a tourist everyone has a taste for carpets these days. There was a time when only the rich could afford this beautiful thing and decorate their walls or place it under their coffee table or spread it in their hall way so that where person who visits can exaggerate the beauty of the homemaker. The slow and steady growth of this industry made carpeting so common that every individual can afford it now. This a complete different story of how this all started and how the trend evolved. So let’s just dive into the time and have a look on how much decortication with carpets and rugs have upgraded and changed the game.

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How did it start?

It all started with decorating walls, people used different countries legacy drew on it those hand knotted rugs were so famous at that time that one could see a variety of wall rugs with different designs over them. The most of all were the Persian collection those wool fibers dipped dyed in vibrant colors. Some were made with the solidarity with their country, some had holy verses on them some had geometrical designs and much more than a person could think of .in this very kind people used to count the thread knots to determine whether it was of good quality or not prior to buying .But this was only when it was hand knotted or weaved. In the case of the one which are made out of machines are so precise that there wasn’t any chance of bad quality and density.


Simply because the ones made by machines go through a whole process of quality testing. Next trend that followed this was having table rugs that were matching the table runners. This trend came when the carpets and rugs were made out if synthetic fibers mainly nylon 6, and polyester. This grew to the extent that people started having soft fury woolen rugs beside their beds. This was the era of high fashion and evolution of different colors and bold statements. This trend evolved and then people went into having rugs that covered the entire base of the coffee table and sofas. In the first the color schemes were chosen to be the same as the sofa color and the walls. But did t last long and people shifted from rugs to hard floors. Vinyl floor became famous again. Then came the time when interior designers had a good chance and high competition to decorate any place they used carpets of various designs to cover the floor and since then people in Europe and other parts of the world use carpets to cover third floors and staircase use long thin rugs with less density to cover your hallways and the ones with thick fibers as doormats and car carpets. As mentioned before the trend speeded up quite slow but when it did it went viral it took over all the world. Having a floor covering has been a necessity in families where they have kids and pets. Now we have reached in that phase of time that we have rugs and carpets for every room and even bathrooms’ you read it right! People discovered that while getting out of the bathtubs not only adults but kids also met accidents by falling down. This was resolved by placing a rug in just the right place where one can dry one self and then move on. Can you imagine having a rug that absorbs water and moisture particles easily? Manufacturers created bamboo rugs that were fancy enough to add beauty to your bathrooms and also play a part in safety.

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People gradually evolved from traditional wall hangings to overall floor covering and this was a major turn over the only thing that one needs to ensure every time before proceeding a purchase is to ensure that the store keeper is selling you the right thing. Before your decide kindly check the thread knots how closely they have been knotted and how flat is the surface the more the neat more the chances are that it isn’t handmade it’s knitted or weaved by machines. Because the one that is handmade has a rough surface. Then to check whether it’s original as the store keeper says try to burn a thread of it if its burns then it’s synthetic and if it’s just smoke with no fire then it’s natural and that is the one which you should proceed for. Then comes the density check this one is for final quality assurance one can simply Dip your index finger to check how thick it’s base is or just pull the both ends near to see how dense are the thread fibers. People mostly the ones of quite age prefer and mostly quote that more the dense carpet is the more chances are that it is of good quality. Lastly the color check this final check makes sure that the one store keep said that it’s genuine and is made up of natural colors is actually what he said or not. This one is quite simple and even a kid can do it and judge. The more the bright color is the chances are that the thread is synthetic because of one main reason that the natural colors that have been extracted from plants or insects dull the thread and it’s appearance is not so bright whereas the one dyed by machine with artificial colors would be eye Catchy.

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No matter it’s a luxury rug or carpet or a synthetic one we must admire the fact that how tremendously it changes the visual of any place whether it be someone’s home, hotel or a café. The elegancy of carpets have no match with other decorating items we see in the market. Buying a carpet or a rug is a whole new experience in its self Indeed!

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