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Boney Kapoor: From Being Rakhi Brother to Sridevi’s Husband

Love is everywhere. Love is mysterious. Love is unpredictable and it can happen to anyone and at any moment and the same happened to Boney Kapoor. He fell in love with the breathtakingly beautiful Bollywood diva SRIDEVI.

Their love story despite many ups and downs was a perfect love tale till her sudden death in Dubai. And sickeningly the world is now doubting Boney Kapoor’s love towards late Sridevi.
Leaving aside whether Boney Kapoor had any negative cameo in her death or not. It’s time to remember and reprise this beautiful actress’s love chronicle with the Kapoor.

  • Kapoor was the first who fell for this spellbound beauty.
  • He had crush even before he met her in person.
  • His love for this dazzling beauty got intensified after he watched her in a full-fledged Tamil movie 16 Vayathinile (1977) which was made in Hindi in 1979 and titled SolvaSawan.
  • His love was so intense and deep that he went to Chennai to meet her but returned disappointed as she was in Singapore shooting for a movie.
  • After watching SolvaSawan he was determined to somehow get close to this damsel and met her for the first time on a movie set.
  • He convinced Sridevi’s mother to make her act in Hindi movies.
  • His love towards her was such that he cleared off her debts even before they two got married. He made a private makeup room for her.
  • He left her for Mithun Chakraborty and again got close to her during her harder times when she broke up with Mithun and lost her parents.
  • Not even his marriage with Mona or secret marriage of her with Mithun were obstacles for their love progress.
  • Surpassing all the obstacles the duo got married in 1996 and have two beautiful daughters Jhanvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor as a symbol pf their love.

Everything looked a fabulous love tale till the breaking news of Sridevi’s death. Hope whatever the news that are surrounding her death mystery are cleared off soon and we wish Boney Kapoor’s love is true and that he has no role as suspected.


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