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Best Tactics for Web Designers to Integrate Instagram in Their Efforts

Best Tactics for Web Designers to Integrate Instagram in Their Efforts

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks and it sees one billion active users every month. This too is just the beginning, as it keeps getting bigger and better every single day. Instagram has transformed itself into a powerful marketing tool for any brand that knows its way around online marketing strategies, but it poses an important question for web developers regarding the most effective way they can integrate Instagram into their websites. When in doubt, however, you must look up to the best in the business and see how they do it.

Embedded Feeds

The most popular method is to embed the Instagram feed into the website as a widget in the sidebar or the footer. The primary way of integrating Instagram into web design is by embedding a feed. You could also dedicate a section for the feed just below your fold or banners with your mission statement on your home page. The first step to do this is to ensure the theme you are using is Instagram-friendly (this is much easier done if you are using WordPress, which offers thousands of great themes) and also has a palette that suits your profile and products. The next would be to find the best plug-in to give you a container for your feed that can be embedded wherever you want. Companies like Montreal-based fashion brand Famedrop have done this with tremendous success in the past.

Hashtag Feeds

Engagement and customer involvement is the best way to take marketing strategies to the next level. Word-of-mouth marketing through influencers and social media evangelists is more popular than ever and it is important that brands come up with specialized hashtags for themselves and also specific products or campaigns that are memorable and catchy enough to be shared a lot and generate a ton of buzz. A good example is how a community dedicated to the New York City Marathon introduced @runhappynyc on its 44thanniversary, and it spread like wildfire. You can use hashtag feeds to combine tweets and posts from Instagram and Facebook that use that hashtag and post them into a unified section on your website. This also generates a lot of goodwill and gets you new followers for Instagram because users through no extra effort get to see themselves featured on your homepage, which is a pretty big deal.


You could use an entire webpage simply dedicated to showcasing content from your Instagram, similar to a lookbook. Vu Sunglass is a brand that tried something similar, calling the page “Editorial” and displaying a ton of quality Instagram content. This is a seamless integration that also links directly to purchase pages ensuring that conversions are boosted too.


Instagram, unfortunately, does not let you link websites on post descriptions, which has long been criticized. The workaround for this is to leave a URL for the landing page on your profile bio and mention the same on each caption. This makes the experience fairly intuitive for your visitors as well, so that they all land on the same page and can then branch out from there. You must understand your target audience and their needs and make the experience as enjoyable for them as possible, from start to finish.

Author Bio: Daniel Mattei is a front-end developer and blogger working in Seattle. He has worked on a number of ambitious web design projects and also takes pride in helping companies attract followers for Instagram and Twitter through sophisticated SEO and web design tactics.

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