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Benefit of Vedic astrology predictions

Benefit of Vedic astrology predictions

Vedic astrology is a science , calculation , mathematics, a gods gift , whatever you may call it ,at the end of it it is the most ancient piece available to mankind. When the world had no clue about planets and the solar system, when there were no telescopes let alone cameras , our great sages and rishi munis calculated the exact distance between earth and the other planets. This unique gift which they had enabled them to identify which planets actually impact the human body and they derived astrology to help humans.

Vedic astrology predictions can go a long way is making a persons life easier and happier. The calculations if made perfectly can actually give such an accurate picture that it may surprise people. Vedic astrology in a nutshell is about 9 planets , 12 houses in the horoscope and 27 nakshartras. The time we are born all the combinations that time become our birth chart. It is essentially a map of heaven at the time the person is born. All the karmic results of previous lives are given to us by way of planets. Hindu astrology obviously believes in rebirth that’s why the karmas of previous lives also form a big base to make our destiny.

Today’s hard work can never be discounted but if coupled with good destiny it can give manifold results. Vedic astrology predictions gives a road map to an individual for the path ahead. It’s a predictive tool. It enables people to understand there good average and bad times and gives them an opportunity to evaluate there actions. If people take right steps in accordance to the readings and predictions things which will be faced in the future might not be avoided but can be faced better and with less severity.

Predictions give people a chance to make sense of things and come to terms with there current phase and situation. People need to realise that you will get everything when your time is right. Being impatient is a big no no is astrology. Vedic astrology helps you in accepting the current time and motivating you to work harder to achieve great heights when your time is correct and favourable.

Vedic astrology gives the power to normal human being to be more careful and vigilant in future. If vice Versa the time is good a person actually can take more risks than he planned. For health issues as well it is a boon or a gift of god. It warms people of hazards to come and be more vigilant. Again like stated above you might not avoid the coming issue but can always reduce the impact by previous intimation and Vedic rituals and upays. ( paaths jaap and daan being the most effective ). This gives us a larger perspective of life and guides us to how we should deal with our issues and circumstances.

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