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Bananas, apples, cherries… not the more you eat, the better! Experts teach you to choose fruits in spring

“The fruit has medicinal properties, and must not be foraged.” Fruits have different tastes. How do you choose the unique fruits that belong to you? What are the precautions when eating? Here are the common fruits in spring, which are explained in detail.


Mulberry is the mature fruit of the mulberry tree and is the ear of the mulberry tree of the Mulberry plant. As early as more than two thousand years ago, the mulberry was the royal tonic. The mature mulberry is sweet and sour, and it is rich in nutrients. It is also known as the “folk fruit”.

Mulberry is sweet, sour, cold, heart, liver, kidney, and has the effect of nourishing blood and nourishing yin. Li Shizhen’s “Compendium of Materia Medica” records: “Mulberry, a man of martial arts. Single food, stop the thirst, benefit the five internal organs, blood, long service, no hunger, peace of mind, people, smart, white, not old.” Modern research has confirmed that mulberry fruit is rich in active protein, vitamins, amino acids, carotene, minerals, resveratrol, anthocyanins and other ingredients. The nutrition is 5 times to 6 times that of apples and 4 times that of grapes. It is praised by the medical profession as “the best health care fruit in the 21st century.” Regular consumption of mulberry can significantly improve the body’s immunity, and has the effect of delaying aging, beauty and beauty. Although mulberry is good, but because of its cold, spleen deficiency is used with caution; mulberry has high sugar content, diabetic patients should not eat.

Green dates

Green jujube is a tropical and subtropical fruit. It is known as the “vitamin pill” and has the saying “the eclipse of three eclipses and the immortality of life”.

Qingzao has the effect of nourishing blood and nourishing blood, clearing the lungs and moistening the lungs, relieving heat and relieving heat, and appetizing and eliminating food. Modern research shows that jujube is rich in sugar, mainly contains glucose, sucrose, fructose, and oligosaccharides, galactosamine and arabinan composed of fructose and glucose; and contains a lot of carotene and nuclear yellow. A variety of vitamins such as vitamins, vitamin C, thiamine, niacin, etc., have a very strong nourishing effect, can effectively improve the body’s immune function and enhance antiviral ability.

Jujube should not be eaten too much, because excessive jujube may cause bloating and diarrhea. In addition, the green sugar content of jujube is as high as 20%~30%, which is the highest among all kinds of fresh fruits. Therefore, after eating jujube, you should reduce the number of staple foods appropriately to avoid excessive energy. Diabetes patients should pay more attention to this. .


Cherry sweet, warm, spleen, stomach, kidney, with the effect of blood and kidney, attending spleen diarrhea, kidney deficiency, nocturnal emission, waist and leg pain and limbs. The high content of iron in cherries is the first in the fruit, so it has a certain effect on improving anemia. The content of vitamin A is 4 to 5 times more than that of grapes, apples and oranges, and the content of carotene is 4 to 5 times more than that of grapes, apples and oranges. In addition, the cherry also contains vitamin B, vitamin C and mineral elements such as calcium and phosphorus.

Cherry is good, but don’t eat too much. Because it contains a certain amount of cyanogenic bismuth in addition to iron, eating too much can cause iron poisoning or cyanide poisoning. Cherries are sweet, warm, easy to get angry, people with dampness and yin deficiency, and those who are suffering from yin deficiency should not eat too much.


Strawberry is known as the “Queen of Fruits”. It has the effects of cooling and quenching thirst, strengthening stomach and digestion, and treating thirst, loss of appetite and indigestion. Modern research has found that strawberries are rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, carotene and other nutrients, especially vitamin C is 7 times to 10 times higher than apples and grapes, malic acid, lemon Acid, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, and carotene, calcium, phosphorus, and iron are also three to four times higher than apples, pears, and grapes. Strawberry is sweet and sour, and the spleen and stomach are eaten less.


Apple is sweet, sour, and cool, which is good for stomach, fluid, trouble, and hangover. In “Minnan Materia Medica”, there are: “The food is eaten, the long-wearing is light and long, the black hair”. Apple is a low-calorie food that produces only 60 kilocalories per 100 grams of apples. It is a good weight-loss fruit for people who lose weight. Its nutrient content is so soluble that it is easily absorbed by the body, so it is called “living water”, which is good for dissolving sulfur and making the skin smooth and soft. Vitamin C in apples is a healthy element of cardiovascular protection and heart disease patients, so it is called “all-round healthy fruit” and “general practitioner”.

Apple is cold, flat stomach cold, that is, often because of cold weather, cold and cold food and stomach pain, pain accompanied by cold stomach, people with mild symptoms, try to eat less apples.


Can you distinguish between mandarin and orange? “Compendium of Materia Medica and Fruits” records: “Orange is small, its petals are slightly vinegar, its skin is thin and red, and its taste is bitter and bitter; the citrus is larger than orange, its scent is sputum, its skin is slightly thicker and yellow, Ye Xin And Gan.” Generally speaking, the shape of the mandarin is round, yellowish red, the skin is tight and not easy to peel, juicy and sweet; the fruit is oblate, red or yellow, and the skin is thin and smooth and easy to peel. Slightly sweet. Although there are differences between mandarin and tangerine, they are often mixed in everyday language.

Oranges are sweet, sour, and flat. They enter the lungs and stomach, and have the effect of moistening the lungs, promoting qi and stomach. Its skin, core, network and leaves are all authentic herbs. Orange peel is called “Chenpi”, which has the effects of regulating qi and dampness, relieving phlegm and relieving cough, strengthening spleen and stomach. It is often used to prevent chest pain, belching, bloating, breast agglomeration, stomach pain and food. The immature peel is called “green skin” and is often used to treat chest fullness caused by liver qi stagnation, stomach cramps, belching, food, breast swelling or caking. Its core is called “orange core”, which has the effect of dispersing and relieving pain. It is commonly used in clinical treatment of testicular swelling and pain, mastitis swelling and pain. The orange network is the reticulated meridian on the orange tart, which has the effects of clearing the phlegm and relieving qi and activating blood circulation. It is often used to treat stasis and cough.

Oranges should not be eaten too much. If you eat too much, you will suffer from caroteneemia. The skin is dark yellow, like jaundice. If you eat too much orange and cause the palm to turn yellow, as long as you stop for a while, the skin color will gradually return to normal.


Bananas are sweet, cold, and return to the lungs and spleen. They have the effects of clearing heat, moistening the lungs, smoothing the intestines, and detoxifying. Banana contains a variety of trace elements, which contain potassium to improve muscle spasm; magnesium has the effect of eliminating fatigue; vitamin A can enhance the resistance to disease, to maintain normal fertility and vision; thiamine resistance Beriberi, increase appetite, help digestion, protect the nervous system; riboflavin can promote normal growth and development of the human body.

The following people cannot eat more bananas:

1. The body is deficient in cold: bananas are cold, and the body is too cold to avoid.

2. Fasting: Banana can promote gastrointestinal motility. Eating on an empty stomach will cause the stomach to work in advance. Eating bananas on an empty stomach for a long time is not conducive to good health.

3. Arthritis patients and diabetic patients: The sugar content of bananas is relatively high, which will slow down blood circulation, accumulate metabolites, and aggravate the patient’s condition.

4. Patients with nephritis: Banana contains a lot of potassium and magnesium. The filtering function of patients with nephritis is relatively poor, which will make the proportion of calcium, potassium and magnesium in the blood imbalance, and aggravate kidney disease.

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