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Astonishing Ways To Earn Money Using Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex is one of the best options to earn money in your spare time. Without having any special qualifications, you can start earning money between $18 to $25 per hour easily. Isn’t it sounding interesting? If yes, then read this complete article to understand the types of earnings in Amazon Flex.

Making money with Amazon Flex jobs is quite simple and interesting. As a first step, you need to download the app in your mobile and register with your details. You need to wait for their confirmation. We have listed down the basic things which would help you earn money in your spare time using Amazon Flex. With Amazon Flex, you will be delivering Amazon packages to their customers on time.To become a Flex driver, your age must be 21 years or above, have a legal driving license, possess or own a vehicle as per Amazon standards and a valid insurance for the vehicle.

Picking Your Delivery Blocks

Delivering the package job is not available throughout the day in Amazon Flex as Amazon wants to give equal opportunity to everyone to make money. So, Amazon Flex works in a system called ‘Delivery Blocks’. Are you wondering what’s this Delivery Block system? It is nothing but chunks of time-period for delivering customer’s package. Once your application is successful, you will be able to view the available blocks for delivering and swipe on top to accept the work during the selected time window. Your selected delivery block can also be canceled by swiping in the app before 45 minutes of your delivery starts.

Delivery Blocks Types

Do you shop at Amazon on a regular basis? If so, then you will be aware of different plans of delivery available in it. The delivery blocks are designed to meet the Amazon Flex jobs and most of the cases, you will be picking the packages from Amazon Delivery Station.

Amazon Prime Now

One hour before start of delivery, you will get a notification on your app for delivering the Amazon Prime Now packages. Since the Prime Now delivers the packages faster, the delivery block for Prime Now is available just one hour before. So, keep checking app for getting this delivery block in your free time.

Amazon Fresh

If you have a vehicle that can carry heavy stuffs, then you can choose Amazon Fresh Delivery Block. Amazon Fresh is mainly involved in delivering groceries and pick up would be from local grocery stores or Amazon Fresh sites. The local grocery stores will be having a tie-up with Amazon and you need to handover them to buyer’s given address. Amazon Flex app will update you for delivery when a customer is available at the specified delivery address.


It is the simplest and maximum delivery blocks available which helps you earn more money. In this delivery option you need to pick the packages from specified Amazon Delivery Station. These packages mostly come from Amazon Fulfilment Centers across the USA and its retail members.

Amazon Local Store Deliveries

You might be knowing that Amazon provides an option for the third-party sellers to promote and sell their stuffs. In this type of delivery block, you need to go to local store near your area or city to pick up the package to deliver to the customers. The third-party seller will keep the package ready with Amazon packing material or cartons so that you can collect the package without any delay at the store. Choose your Flex delivery option depending on the type of vehicle you own.

Canceling/Missing or Handling Undelivered Packages

Your selected delivery block can be canceled in the Amazon Flex app prior 45 minutes of delivery begins. If you cancel it-prior, then other drivers can deliver the package on time. In case if you miss to cancel the block before 45 minutes then you can cancel five minutes before delivery block starts. This will be marked as ‘Missed Delivery Block’ against your records. You need to avoid this canceling or missing of delivery blocks as this can cause disqualification of your service with Amazon Flex.

In case you could not deliver the package due to various reasons like customer not available at location then you need to hand it over back to Amazon Delivery Center where you picked it.You cannot skip the delivery and mark it as Undelivered. Some of the acceptable cases for undelivered packages can be bad weather, customer not available at the specified address, end of delivery block or vehicle breakdown.

Payments from Amazon Flex

Your earnings with Amazon Flex will be credited to your account on every Tuesday and Friday. If banks are not operating these days, then it will be done during next payment day. Provide your bank details properly so that amount gets credited to your account without any hassle. You have two ways to get money: one is when your delivery block is complete and other is tip from customer for the satisfied delivery.

Hurry up! Create your Amazon Flex account today and start earning during your free time.


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