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In today’s busy world, everyone is connected to each other via social media. One of the powerful social media app is WhatsApp. Name sounds great right! It is a Voice over IP and cross-platform messaging service owned by another social media Facebook. It allows you to send text messages and make voice calls, video calls, as well as sharing documents, media and user locations. The client application of WhatsApp runs on mobile as well as accessible on desktop computers with a pre-requisite an internet connection should be there.  

You will be definitely having an account in this application. In this article, you would know the deeper insights about WhatsApp. Some of the mesmerising features of WhatsApp are putting display pictures or profile pictures, uploading status which lasts for 24 hours, privacy setting like read receipts on/off, last seen enable and many more options. Similar to FaceBook status a new feature was introduced in WhatsApp to upload the status which lasts for a day. People are more active in uploading the status as it is secured and notified to only those who are in the contact list.


Yes, those text line with a default message “Hi there, I’m using WhatsApp”. This was the status which most of the people completely ignored keeping it as a default instead of even thinking to update it. Good news is that’s gone. Keeping the old way of status behind, WhatsApp has come up with a new feature of updating status. But, the old status either default or modified one are still available on WhatsApp. Get complete information about how to upload the status, modify it or delete it if required.


First open the WhatsApp messenger by tapping on the green box with a telephone and speech balloon in it. Once the app is open tap on the status button. On an iPhone, this button is located in the lower left corner of the screen. It looks more or less like a circle with 3 curved lines around. Conversely, on Android phones, the status option is available next to chat option. On the status screen you will find a circle button with plus (+) sign on it. Tap on the add status button to put your customised status.


Tap on the white circle situated at the bottom of screen in order to take photo or hold it to record the video. Otherwise, you can select one from your mobile camera roll at the screen bottom. When you want to write your own lines, you can choose the background colour and font size available to make a customised message as a status. For viewing the status you can tap on it. Press on the menu button present on the right side for checking how many of your contacts have seen the update. For seeing the names of people, tap on the eye icon. As mentioned earlier, the status would disappear soon after 24 hours.


  • Open WhatsApp Application
  • Tap on the camera option on the top left
  • Either choose photo or video from camera roll or take an instant photo or video
  • Add your own attractive caption for your status and tap on the green tick to finalise the status
  • Once done you can send it to specific contact or select the My Status option. Tap the send icon or arrow mark at the right bottom to upload your status
  • You can go to Status tab and follow the steps mentioned earlier to check how many of your contacts or who have viewed the status


Did you make any mistakes while creating or uploading WhatsApp Status, Do not worry because below are the steps to follow delete the status:

  • As a first step, open the application
  • Move to Status Tab. To find the status you want to delete, scroll down
  • Tap on the eye icon to know how many people have seen the status
  • Tap on the trash icon and click on Delete option to confirm the deletion


Whatsapp Status privacy setting sounds cool right! It gives you the privilege to share the status among specific contacts or make a list of people who can’t see the status or set it in such a manner where all your contacts can view it. Below are the steps to make changes to your WhatsApp privacy settings:

  • As an obvious step open the WhatsApp app
  • Navigate to Status and click on the three dots icon present on the top right and select Status Privacy
  • As an alternative, you can tap on the menu button in the screen of main chats and open Settings > Account > Privacy > Status
  • On this screen, you will have three options, My contacts which contains all your contacts, My contacts expect which lets you pick the contacts from whom you want to exclude in viewing WhatsApp status, and the last option is Only share with which allows you to pick the contacts with whom you want to share the status with

By following these steps you are done with changing your privacy settings on WhatsApp. And now, let me write about another exciting topic known as WhatsApp Display Picture or also called as WhatsApp Profile Picture. We all know how crazy people are in updating the status on WhatsApp, in a similar manner they are also crazy in uploading or changing the profile picture on WhatsApp.


  • Go to WhatApp app
  • Tap on More options (nothing but three dots)
  • Then go to settings
  • Click on the profile photo followed by Camera icon
  • Once you click on Camera icon, you will get multiple option to choose like choose a photo from your camera, remove current photo and take a new photo with you camera
  • As per your wish you can select either of the options and set your WhatsApp display picture.

Is it a constant meaning once you upload the display picture you cannot change it? Absolutely No! Because you can change the display picture or profile picture as and when you need to do so. Are you curious how to do it? Find our below lines to enhance your knowledge on this.


This part of article tells you to update/replace your WhatsApp Profile picture with a new one.

  • If you are an iPhone User then open WhatsApp application which is a green app with a bubble speech and white phone icon. If you are opening the app for the first time then you need to set up your WhatsApp.
  • Now tap on Settings. You will find this option on the right-bottom corner of the screen. In case if the WhatsApp conversation opens, then tap on the “Back” button present in the left-top corner of the screen
  • Tap on your profile name which is present at the Settings page top
  • Tap on your profile picture situated on the top-left corner of the Edit Profile page. By doing this WhatsApp profile picture with open in full screen
  • It is time to tap on edit option on the top right corner of the screen, click on Choose Photo near the bottom of screen. There is an alternative to take photo by yourself instead of choosing from gallery within WhatsApp application
  • Tap on an album if you do not know where your desired picture is residing, tap Camera Roll
    • iCloud Photo Library users would see All Photos instead of the Camera Roll option
      • In case if you are uploading picture for the first time, then click on OK when a prompt pops up to allow the WhatsApp access to your photos and camera First
        • If you are taking a photo instantly then tap on the shutter button at the screen to capture the photo
  • Tap on a photo so that you will select the photo as your new display picture. If you have chosen an original photo then tap on the Use Photo in the right-bottom corner of the screen
  • Tap on Choose option present on right-bottom corner of the screen if you are setting a selected picture as WhatsApp Profile picture. If you think the photo needs resizing, then you can tap and drag it for repositioning it. Otherwise, you can just slide two fingers away from each other for zooming in.

If you are an Android User, then below are the steps which needs to be followed for updating/replacing your profile picture:

  • As an usual process, click on WhatsApp icon to open the application. Set up your WhatsApp profile if you are opening the app for the first time
  • Tap on three dot menu present on the top right corner of the screen
  • Then Tap on the settings which can be seen at the bottom in the drop down
  • Click on your profile name which is situated at the Settings top page
  • Now, tap on your profile picture on the left-top corner of the Edit profile page. By doing so, you can open the profile picture in full size
  • Tap on the Pencil Icon. It is an option present on the right-top corner of the screen. This will prompt with a menu with the photo editing options
  • Tap on Gallery. This is the first option present on the top of the menu which pops-up. This option will gives the privilege to select an existing photo in the gallery to make it as a profile picture. You can click on the Camera option to capture an original/current picture
  • Tap on An Album option. You can click on All photos option to see all the photo’s present in Android if you are not sure from which album to choose
  • If you are uploading the picture for the first time, then tap OK when a pop-up menu comes in to allow WhatsApp to access your photos and camera first
  • If you want to click an instant picture, then tap on the shutter button to capture the Picture
  • Tap on a photo to get the edit interface where you will get an option to reposition or resize the picture. If you need original photo as profile picture then tap on the checkmark to proceed
  • As a final step, tap on OK at the right-bottom corner of the screen. Now, you have selected your favorite picture as a new WhatsApp Profile picture

This is how you can put your status, edit/update it and create, edit, update or replace your display picture.

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