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All About Terrace Garden From Natural Gardening

Know About Terrace Garden Tips and Ideas

Do you know what is the Terrace garden? The terrace garden is often called as a roof garden, it is a form of gardening in which vegetables, fruits, and flowers are grown on a terrace, balconies or roofs of the building. There are two reasons which have given rise to this concept. Firstly, Urbanization, which leads to a reduction in farming space thus giving rise to this innovation. Secondly, increasing pressure on land and growing costs. However, there are numerous advantages of having a terrace garden:

  • It reduces the indoor temperature by 6 to 8 degrees Celsius. Thus, regulating your home temperature during peak summers. It also absorbs the heat of the building and insulates the building against hot and cold.
  • You get a pesticides-free, healthy, and fresh fruits or vegetables, which are freshly plucked
  • Reduced the pollutants and increase the amount of fresh oxygen in the air
  • Reduce sound-pollution
  • Helps in rainwater harvesting by holding the water which is normally run through. Thus, decreasing pressure on the sewer system
  • Improve Aesthetics of your home

Here are some terrace garden tips to create your own terrace garden:

Gardening Area: If your home is built in the right way then it can easily take the load of even bigger plants. Make sure there is an ample amount of sunlight on the terrace where you are planning to build a garden. The terrace garden should receive at least four to six hours of direct sunlight and in the places where the sun is too severe, you can use shade to prevent plants from getting burnt.

There are two ways to construct a terrace garden. The first way is by covering the entire surface of the terrace by sand and gardening on it. Make sure that you waterproof the surface to avoid any leakage. The second way is by using pots to grow different varieties. Here you don’t need any extra efforts.

Soil and Nutrients: Choosing the right type of soil is very crucial as the growth of the plants is decided by the nutrients offered to it. The right type of soil mix requires regular soil, compost coco peat, and vermicompost in equal quantities. It is recommended to check and add compost every week, as heavy rains wash away the essential nutrients.

What all can be grown on Terrace: Everything!! Yes, you heard it correct, almost all the vegetable and plants can be grown on the terrace. Beans, chilies, tomatoes, okra, brinjal, coriander, mint are easier to grow. You must be patient, as it will take a few months before you could see the results. For beginners, it’s is advised to start with tomatoes and chilies, and gradually move to others. In addition to this, you can grow cucumber, bottle gourd, and ridge gourd. If you have larger space then root vegetables like potatoes, onion, radish, carrot can be grown.

Apart from Vegetables, you can also grow fruits like guava, banana, orange, etc. Planting Roses, Marigold, Jasmin, Hibiscus Flowers give amazingly good aesthetics to the terrace garden and it is a great way to add some colors to your terrace landscape.

Tips & tricks From Natural Gardening:

You can use some creative Zen ideas to give a mesmerizing look to your terrace. If you are not sure which style suits you best, then it is possible to combine different elements. Below are a few tips and ideas for your terrace garden:

  • Plant and trees: Grow tall plants and trees. If you have a big rooftop or have a bad view or want to get a real garden feeling. Consider growing bamboos and shrubs. Also, plant them vertically on walls for balanced use of the space.
  • Diversity: Maintain diversity in plant sizes and varieties. Choose plants to maintain a balance of cool and warm colors.
  • Furniture and other artifacts: Nowadays, Terrace, garden, or balcony furniture is very innovatively designed. Decide whether you want a lounge or a dinner like a setup there. Both gives a captivating look to the garden. Like adding black sands, using similar looking pots, adding stones, and gravels. You can use wood planks or artifacts to give an authentic look to their terrace garden.
Ideas for Business:

Terrace gardening starts with soil preparation and preparing plant containers. Use soil from easily accessible or nearest farmland. If you are a beginner, then start with a low budget. Find some creative ideas to reduce your initial investment in plant containers. Some of the alternatives which can be used as growing bags or container pots are wooden boxes, battery boxes, tubs, and plastic bottles. To save your garden, a small investment on green housing sheet cover. Beginners are not advised to start terrace gardening during the summer season.

Start your terrace garden business initially by growing the plants that occupy less space which grows more in quantity. If you choose to grow fast-growing vegetables, then you earn profit in less time. If the sales price of plants grown in the terrace garden is more then your earning profit will be more.

Many urban families are open for a subscription in which monthly they received different organic vegetables from urban gardens. By targeting your own society, you could fetch a decent business. It’s not late to start modifying your own terrace into a mesmerizing garden which can provide you good healthy food and a means to earn some extra money.

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