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This is a must read article for bald persons(androgenetic alopecia) and folks experiencing any form of hair loss.

Androgenetic alopecia also known as the male pattern baldness is the commonest type  hair loss. Doctors estimate that over half the lads older than fifty might experience this condition. As seen in a healthtulip article, half the adults in the us can begin showing signs of hairlessness by their fortieth birthday.

Causes of baldness:


This is the most common cause of baldness. Its expression comes with age, showing a receding hairline. The gene for baldness is believed to be located in the X sex chromosome which is usually donated by mothers to their sons. But more recently, research has shown that there are other genetic and non-genetic factors that influence the exhibition of baldness.

Hormonal changes:

Hormonal changes during menopause and child birth could cause loss of hair.

Medical conditions and drugs side effect:

Just like ailments associated with the thyroid and cancer, drugs for treating cancer, arthritis, depression and heart issues can also lead to hair loss. Medical guidiance is very important when using such drugs.

Life style:

Certain hair fashion styles that pulls the hair can cause an eventual loss of hair known as traction alopecia. Use of hot oil treatment on the scalp can cause permanent loss of hair due to scarring.

A stresfull lifestyle had also been associated with hair loss.
with the exception to hereditary factors, hair loss might be caused by associate underlying illness. In such a scenario, treatment for that illness are necessary. If an exact medication is inflicting the hair loss, doctors would most likely prevent you from taking that medication for a minimum of 3 months.

A number of the treatment choices of hairlessness include:

Taking Medications:
a number of the acknowledge medications for treating hairlessness (androgenetic alopecia) includes Minoxidil (an approved over-the-counter medication), Finasteride (Propecia), (an approved ethical drug for men), the oral medication dutasteride, oral contraceptives and corticoid. These medications might have side effects as severe as prostrate cancer therefore it’s invariably necessary to seek medical recommendation before use.

This method involves the removing of little patches of skin from the perimeters of the top of any part of the head with sensible hair growth and planting the hair follicles into the bald sections. Taking minoxidil after transplant is sometimes suggested by doctors to reduce hair loss after surgery. Surgical procedures for treating hairlessness might lead to pain, scarring, harm and that they are quite costly.

Laser Treatment:
analysis shows that application of Low level laser medical care would lead to a rise in blood flow to the scalp thereby stimulating metabolism within the hair follicles which might conjointly lead to the development of anagen hair or growing hair.

This can happen in 3 ways.
1. Photons from the laser device can stimulate the cytochrome enzyme to produce the nucleotide, ATP. (Note that within the cells of the follicle, adenosine triphosphate would be regenerate to cyclic AMP thereby releasing energy and stimulating the metabolic processes required for hair growth.)
2. light from the laser device can stimulate the discharge of gas from cells thereby resulting in hyperbolic biological process to the scalp distributing oxygen and nutrients to the hair roots; thus enhancing the supply of nutrient to the hair roots.
3. Laser device treatment stops the excessive build-up of Dihydrotestosterone, DHT. Dihydrotestosterone is synthesized by another protein referred to as 5α-reductase from androgen. DHT helps the body grow and regulate itself. This regulation includes exhibition of a feedback mechanism in the synthesis of hair follicles, leading to Loss of scalp hair once it’s in excess.


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