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Home Business Acquiring knowledge About Common Glassware Equipment Used in Laboratories

Acquiring knowledge About Common Glassware Equipment Used in Laboratories

Acquiring knowledge about common glassware equipment used in laboratories

A laboratory is a place where numerous experiments are conducted on a daily basis both by students and teachers. In a laboratory, there are many types of equipment present which people use for smoothly running the desired experiments. These apparatuses are part of the laboratory and should be known to a person who frequently has to do experimental tasks in the laboratory. Knowing the laboratory pieces of equipment will help an individual to use those items appropriately.

A general list of equipment used as experimental aids

There are different kinds of equipment present in laboratories, but the type of laboratory also determines the specific presence of some apparatuses. For instance, in a biology laboratory one is undoubtedly going to find Microscopes whereas in Physics laboratory galvanometers, inclined plane, etc. are present.

But each kind of laboratory has a range of laboratory glassware. Crafted out from materials that can withstand heat and higher temperatures these glasses are also resistant to corrosion due to chemicals. The glassware is a staple part of laboratory equipment and mostly gets calibrated for measuring purposes. Even if the calibration is not present then the shape is kept smooth so that calibrated stickers can get applied for making the glassware suitable for measurement purposes.

The different types of glassware apparatus present in laboratories are discussed below:

  • Beakers: The beakers are generally cylindrical shaped vessels that have markings etched on the surface for ensuring correct measurements. The size of beakers varies greatly and can be formed to hold 100ml to 1000ml of fluid. Beakers even larger than that are also present. Usually, there is a snout on the upper rim of the beaker so that the process of pouring liquid is smooth.
  • Petri dishes: These are kept for placing specimens or for growing specific cultures. Corrosive reagents can also be kept on a petri dish, but usually, the capacity of a petri dish is not much so liquids are pouring only a small quantity of the necessary liquids.
  • Test tubes: The clear glass tubes are rounded at the bottom and are cylindrical. Usually, a test-tube is not calibrated, but stickers or markers can be used to determine volume. Test tubes are often used for boiling or heating mixtures for producing a reaction, and so the test tubes are generally heat resistant. Fusion tubes which resemble test tubes but are smaller in size. These get used for superheating a particular compound.
  • Conical flasks: As the name suggests the flasks are conical in shape and are useful for mixing reagents and primarily used in the process of titration.
  • Burettes: A long cylindrical shaped tube which has a small opening at the bottom and is fully calibrated. It is used for experiments when the amount of a reagent used for getting a suitable reaction has to be minutely measured.

There is a vast number of more sophisticated glassware apparatus present in a laboratory but mainly the objects as mentioned above are frequently used for experimental procures in laboratories.


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