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A Definitive Guide to Optimizing WordPress with Instagram

A Definitive Guide to Optimizing WordPress with Instagram

With more than 800 million monthly active users and meticulously adorned with a wide array of impressive features, Instagram is currently the leading social media networking channel in the niche of digital marketing. Apart from being an intriguing platform for sharing images and videos, Instagram also offers business organizations and marketers with a vast opportunity to gain success in their social networking efforts. Given the potential of Instagram, it is an absolute must to integrate this social media channel into your WordPress site or blog.

Incorporating Instagram to your WordPress site can have several advantages such as:

  • Building relationships with followers and prospective customers.
  • Boosting your brand awareness.
  • Highlighting your credibility through your visual content.
  • Engaging with followers and driving them to share your content.
  • Streamlining the access to your products and services.

Experiencing the aforementioned benefits is only possible when you are able to integrate your content from Instagram to your WordPress website or blog. There are different ways through which you can incorporate Instagram into your site. You may choose a plug-in that suits your needs the most or you can incorporate your Instagram badge to give your audience a pathway to the platform. With that being said, check out this guide that describes the important ways through which you can optimize your WordPress and Instagram:

Bind Instagram Widget through WordPress Dashboard

Assuming the fact that you have created an account on Instagram and switched to the business profile, it is time to showcase the visuals on your website from the ones that you share on Instagram. This will help you in performing a cross-platform engagement which in turn will reward you with more followers that will engage seriously with your content and brand. On top of that, WordPress has been smart enough to acknowledge the rising popularity of Instagram and this can be seen in the latest version of WordPress that is astutely braced with an inbuilt support for Instagram in the core installation of WordPress. This implies that all you need to do is copy the URL of the image that you share on Instagram and paste the same into your posts or pages, which will ensure an automated display of the photo. In order to learn more about how to make the most of your Instagram profile and gain more exposure, you can visit websites for expert help such as https://gramblast.com/.

Comprehending Instagram through Plugins

When it comes to the easiest way to ensure the proper optimization of WordPress and Instagram along with the integration of the two, nothing beats the application of the WordPress Instagram plugins. To help you choose the best WordPress Instagram plugins, here is a list crafted by the experts in order to allow you to share your Instagram with your website viewers without any lag:

Alpine PhotoTile for Instagram

Crafted by the Alpine Press, this plug-in has been the savior for webmasters who have been looking for a way out to retain specific images from Instagram along with some particular tags. Apart from that, the main feature of this utility is to allow you to display those visuals on the WordPress site, owing to its multitude of tools. These images can be linked to your Instagram profile without any hassle, aiding you in the creation of a pathway for driving more followers to your WordPress site. Besides Instagram, you can also link these images to the slideshow feature of Lightbox. Another attribute of this plug-in is that it is decked with a shortcode generator, which helps you in binding the widget into the content. Speaking of widgets, Alpine also contains a particularly powerful widget that helps you with excellent WordPress presentations.

Instagram for WordPress

If you are looking for something specific such as a sidebar plug-in, then Instagram for WordPress can help you in displaying your latest photos that you share on the social media channel. Furthermore, it also helps you in featuring your favorite images, the images that have been shared by your followers using your branded hashtags and the tagged images along with your feed. The best part of putting this widget into the application is that it comes in three different formats including a grid, a grid with paging, and slideshow. This Instagram widget has been smartly designed to proffer an easy and convenient installation.

Simply Instagram

With a simple permission to access and providing your Instagram ID, you can leverage the unique features of this Instagram WordPress plug-in that allows you to integrate and optimize both the platform exceptionally. This plug-in allows you to highlight your Instagram images on your WordPress site with the assistance of widget and shortcode. Not only that, this plug-in comes with a wide range of features including shortcode generator, admin settings, custom image display, custom slideshow theme, media viewer along with other several trending options of highlights and so on. The convenient design of the plug-in makes it user-friendly and easy to use.

Easy Instagram

This plug-in renders you the flexibility to pick one image from your gallery on Instagram or from other user-generated posts all over the visual-sharing platform utilizing one specific tag. Moreover, this plug-in is furnished in such a manner that it can accouter an image gallery where you can deck up ten images utilizing your Instagram ID or tag. Easy Instagram further confers you with a set of shortcode options, widget options along with a seamless coding for the optimal performance of the plug-in.

Instagram Picture

With Instagram picture, you can be outfitted with an industry-grade plug-in that will provide a brilliant job to your Instagram profile. This plug-in streamlines the integration of your visuals on Instagram to your WordPress site and it embeds the images of Instagram to your website within your choice of location that you think would be perfect. Moreover, this plug-in renders a multitude of useful features such as shortcodes, widgets, and PHP.


Having a staunch presence on Instagram will definitely drive your followers to take a visit to your official website at some point in time. Hence, it will be a smart choice to integrate and optimize both your Instagram profile and WordPress website with the help of aforementioned techniques.

Author bio-

Daniel Mattei is a Professional writer. He has written many articles on Social Media. He is quite experienced in the field of web marketing as well as website designing. You can visit https://gramblast.com/ and learn how to build more follower presence.

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